Finishing my AS exams!

IT’S OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*sigh of relief*

It’s that time again where I can wave goodbye to exam stress, revision and early morning study sessions for another year. Yes, I officially finished my last ever AS exam yesterday at exactly 3.20pm! I could not be happier, I am so glad that all my exams are finally done and dusted, which means I can not direct my attention to more important things such as watching TV and shopping. ūüôā

However the past few months I have been putting many things off saying “Oh, I’ll do that after my exams” or ¬†“I’ll sort it after my exams have finished”. So even though I am free from the burdens of exam season I still have a few things to do. For starters I need to look into University, have a look at the courses they are offering and the entry requirements, all that stuff. I have a few open days booked in, so I can get a good feel for the universities I might be interested in. I also need to launch my UCAS application and account, which brings me onto writing a personal statement. I also plan on doing an Extended Projects Qualification (EPQ) over the Summer, which means I have a lot of planning and research to do. Furthermore I want to get a small part-time Summer job so I can earn some money, which would pay for my driving lessons. That is another thing I want to sort out: a provisional driving license. I also need to contact my work experience placement to make the final arrangements for that to go ahead. I also have a Higher Education Plus (HE+) residential trip to the University of Cambridge coming up. So although my stressful exams are over, there is still plenty of things to do in order to keep myself busy!

With that said, I feel that I should do some reflection on my AS exams. For my AS Levels I studied: Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Psychology. I took a grand total of 9 papers all exactly 1 hour and 30 minutes long, from a range of different exam boards. Here is how I got on:


Exam Board: AQA

Biology Unit 1 (25/05/17): Not the best exam for me, I don’t know why but I struggled to get to grip with the context given in the questions. Especially that last question about HIV, of course I knew the syllabus and how HIV works and everything, but I found it difficult to apply to the context given. There was also that disastrous question about the statistical test, I must say our teacher never taught us any of the maths side including the statistic test, mainly because we ran out of time come the end.¬†

Biology Unit 2 (6/06/17): Fantastic! I absolutely loved the paper! The 2 high mark questions at the end were fabulous. One was about cohesion-tension theory and the other transcription. Simple knowledge based questions, the contextual question about the chromosome mutation was a little harder. But the paper had less maths and appeared quite easy compared to the first.


Exam Board: AQA

Chemistry Unit 1 (26/05/17): Hmm, it was an average paper. The actual chemistry itself was quite easy and I understood most of it, but I did struggle with the calculations. There was one calculation that involved some copper and a plane that I remember struggling with. I also had a problem with a concentration question where I got my answer to equal -6000 or something ridiculous! There was that horrible little bit towards the end about equilibrium, where I ended up solving a quadratic equation…probably got that wrong.¬†

Chemistry Unit 2 (9/06/17): AHHH! I ran out of time! The first AS paper that I can officially put my hands up and say “I didn’t finish”. I guessed that last 5/6 multiple choice and put C down for all of them! I had no time to go back to any of my answers, which is a pain as I think I may have left some blank! :/ There was a horrifying question on cycloalkanes with a reaction mechanism all mixed it, I also counted 37 hydrogen atoms on one molecule but the whole world appears to have counted 38!



Exam Board: OCR

Core 1 ¬†(17/05/17): The paper went reasonably well, it was not as bad as I was expecting it to be! I know I got one of the end questions right as I got -9/4 as my answer. Which I don’t mean to ¬†brag, but I am very happy about! However I struggled with the triangle in a circle question where we had to find an area or something.¬†

Core 2 (24/05/17): To be honest I don’t really remember much about the paper. Except the fact that I didn’t understand the first question, yes the first so-called ‘easiest’ question on the paper!¬†

Statistics (7/06/17): Disaster. Those geometric, binomials, probability, permutations stuff all sent a shiver down my spine. I hated the paper, the only thing good about the paper was the first question on product moment correlation, which I understood. To make matters worse all the other people in my class found the paper was “quite good” or “not as bad as I was expecting”, which is rather unsettling!


Exam Board: Edexcel

Cognitive and Social (15/05/17): The paper was reasonable. I did find myself stressing a little about timing specially on the longer 12 and 8 mark questions, but I did get time to check my answers. The evaluation of the use of case studies was literally a God send. I thought having evaluate Milgram would be fantastic, however I am not so sure it was. I tended to just spat out everything I knew about Milgram (which was quite a lot) without fully explaining the points I was making. So my mini essay was more of an incoherent list rather than a well written essay. The Bartlett question caused a few problems and the one about Emily and Liam on a field, I had little to say and it was worth quite a few marks. 

Biological and Learning(22/05/17):Wonderful paper. I absolutely loved it from start to finish. There was that beautiful question on brain scanning techniques and the one about the boy copying his dads driving habits. The only little bit I didn’t fully get was the bit about the effect of taking drugs on exam performance, I just wrote about how she will not be able to focus and may misread the question, I remember listing some drugs and the effect on her performance.¬†

There we have it my AS levels in one rather large nutshell. Thank you all for reading and I hope your exams go well. Just remember do not get upset when you don’t do as well as you hoped, as being upset will not change your answers. So be happy that you tried your best at that moment in time and remember that although exams are important they are not the end of the world!


Creepy Clown Craze

The Creepy Clown Craze, let’s just not say any more.

This craze has swept the UK by storm. To be honest I am quite surprised about how far and how quickly it spread. Just for anyone who doesn’t know the creepy clown craze, is where strange people dress up as clowns and go terrorising youngsters and old people. It started in the US, but now it has reached all corners of the UK. No where is safe!

I don’t live in a city, I actually live in rural Somerset. I am pretty much out in the countryside…all alone. You would thing the creepy clown craze is something that only goes on in the cities, but no you are wrong.

Just to be clear, I haven’t seen any clowns myself. Oh and I don’t wish to see any either, however the whole concept fascinates me and terrifies me at the same time.

I guess one of the main reasons why I haven’t seen a clown is probably because they are out more at night. Most of the sightings occur in the early hours of the morning, when one is tucked up in bed. I guess I am not the most social person either and hate leaving my house, which supports the reason why I haven’t seen one. They are not exactly going to come to my house either as I live in a safe area.

Let’s talk about local ‘sightings’. A clown was spotted in a local car park, which is approximately a 15 minute drive from my house (which is pretty close)! Another few clowns have been spotted in this open park, which is about a 10 minute drive from my house. Then there have been several reports of clowns in a neighbouring town. One of my friends lives in a little village, where there was a clown going around the other night, armed with a knife.

Are these clowns dangerous? Who knows. I’ve read loads of reports online about these clowns. Some claim that these clowns have tried to kidnap small children, while others claim that they are out to scare the elderly. I read one case online where an elderly lady collapsed after a gathering of clowns appeared at her window. There was another case as well about the clowns encouraging school girls into their van. What ever is going on and what ever the intention of these clowns I suggest not approaching them, and to stay alert.

On a new update, there is a woods close to where I live (about 20 minutes away) where a clown has been spotted. Apparently the clown tried to encourage a group of youngsters into the woods to play ‘hide and seek’. Creepy.

Sixth Form Nerves

In 4 days time, I will start a new chapter of my life: sixth form.

At the moment I am actually quite nervous about it all! Which to me is a surprise! Before I left school I was super excited at the thought of joining the sixth form. I could wear my own clothes, study the subjects I want, have free lessons, go off campus and chill in the common room. All was well and I actually really looked forward to starting the sixth form. But now the excitement has faded and the truth is I am dreading it! The thought is terrifying, I am not ready to do A-levels!

How am I going to manage the jump from GCSE to A-level? What if I can’t keep up with the work load? What if I don’t understand the work and fail?

All these thoughts rush around my head, filing me with dread and doubt. Am I good enough to study a-levels? I did well in my GCSES (8 A*s, 4 As and a C), but that is completely different! A-levels are much harder than GCSES, what if I don’t understand and ‘fall through the cracks’.

Not only am I worried that academically I am not up for it, but socially too! I haven’t spoken to my school friends since the school prom 8 weeks ago! To be fair they haven’t messaged me and I know that they have all met up with each other without me! During NCS I had an argument with one of the girl’s in my group, who I fear has ‘turned’ the others against me!

Ugh! I’m just not up for going back! I’m so scared and worried, a-levels are really hard and I am just not up for the challenge! To make things worse I know that my group of friends will dissolve away, as some of them are off to college etc. I wish I could just leave and get a job…or go back into year 11 and retake GCSES again.

Is it normal to feel this apprehensive? I don’t know. It doesn’t help that I don’t really know what I am studying….

Choosing my A-levels

I’ve finished my GCSES!!! Wahoooo!

I received my GCSE results a few days ago and now I am looking into my future. I decided a while back that I would stay on at my school’s sixth form, rather than going to college. At sixth form I will study for my A-levels, this brings me onto the big question: What A-levels should I do?

I have already decided that I will definitely do Chemistry, Biology and Maths at A-level. I choose chemistry as it is one of my favourite subjects and I find it very interesting. It’s hard to say which bit of chemistry I like best, as I like it all! Then I chose biology as it is my second favourite subject. I love learning about human biology especially the blood and cells. Then I chose maths, to be honest I don’t really like maths. I just know that it is very useful and something I really need to do in order to study a science related course at university.

Then it brings me onto the dreaded 4th option. For me it’s a huge toss up between psychology and physics. If you had asked me 4 months ago what I would do, I would of told you physics no doubt. ¬†However I’m starting to have second thoughts. Coming towards the end of GCSES I was fed up with physics. I found certain topics very hard and boring, for example I hated learning about motors and electromagnetic induction. So I don’t really know if I want to carry it on for another year. Then there is psychology, which I would be starting from scratch. I have never studied psychology so there is a risk that I may not be any good at it. However I have always had a slight interest in psychology from an early age and who knows it may just be for me.

So what now? I had a meeting with my school’s career adviser and she is allowing me to have a go at 5 AS levels. She said I am capable of doing it, however she doesn’t normally recommend it! I am doing a trial run of all 5 and seeing how I get on. Perhaps I will find physics isn’t for me or the other way around…who knows.

Not really knowing what you are doing is always a little stressful. However I know that if I pick one or the other, I will always regret not choosing the other one. If you see what I mean! I just hope I can give them both a go and then one will come out on top hopefully.


GCSE Results Day

The day is finally here: GCSE results day 2016!

I was so worried and anxious about my results, that I barely slept all night! The results were released at 9am, but I didn’t receive mine until 10:20 in order to avoid the crowds. Going into collect them I was so incredibly nervous, my hands were shaking and I had butterflies in my stomach. I grabbed my results and ran to the car before anyone could ask me how I did. Getting to the interesting part my results were as follows:

  • Maths A*
  • Chemistry A*
  • Physics A*
  • Biology A*
  • Business A*
  • Re A*
  • Geography A*
  • English Literature A*
  • English Language A
  • Further Maths A
  • Computer Science A
  • History A
  • French C

Overall I am very happy with my results, so happy that I cried when I opened them! Out of the 268 students in my school I placed a solid 7th, with 8 A*s, 4 As and a C.

The result that shocked me the most was both maths! After seeing the very high grade boundaries yesterday, I thought I was heading for a B in maths.So once I opened up my results and read A* in maths, I was shocked beyond belief…I’ve never got an A* in maths before! Especially further maths, I was really just looking for a pass! I’m so pleased!

Also I am incredibly happy with a solid run of straight A*s in all my sciences! I was over the moon, with chemistry being my best science! I thought I would end up with a B in physics as that is what I got in my mock exam back in January. Instead I boosted myself up to an A*.

Seeing the A* in Re came as a relief, I had been predicted A* throughout school and received the grade in all my mocks. So seeing that A* was a relief as I know my teacher would be proud, not to mention I got UMS of 99 and 100 in re. This puts re up as one of my top subjects.

I was a little gutted with my A in English language, only because I had received an A* in all the mocks I have ever done. So to see an A was a bit disappointing, my teacher had predicted me an A* in language with an A in literature…I guess he got them the wrong way round.

Then it comes to history, where once again I was a little disappointed with my A. I mean I know an A is great and everything. However in my mock exams I got an A* 96% making me the top history student in the year! I guess my history went down a little, I mean it’s not the end of the world. I had no ambition to study history at A-level anyway!

Then of course I can’t go without talking about French. I got a C, which is considerably lower than my other grades. However French was always my worst subject at school, considering my teacher gave up on our class! I really struggled with the French listening exam and ended up with a U in that module! I got a C in the reading module, B in the speaking and an A in writing. Which all balanced out at a C. Really the controlled assessments saved me here!

Overall I got 8A*s, 4As and a C!

GCSE Grade Boundaries

It’s the day before results day, which means one thing: the grade boundaries have been released!

That’s right the exam boards have told us what marks we need for each grade, just so they can watch thousands of students squirm uncomfortably before the dreaded day. So I am going to go through the grade boundaries for each one of my exams.


  • Biology 1: 49=A*, 40=A, 31=B
  • Biology 2: 45=A*, 36= A, 27=B
  • Biology 3: 41=A*, 36=A, 31=B

The papers were out of 60. To be honest I think the grade boundaries are reasonably fair, however I think the grade boundary for paper one should be lowered a little as the paper was harder than the other 2.


  • Business 1: not available
  • Business 2: 47=A*, 42= A, 37=B

Once again the grade boundaries are fair. I found paper 2 hard, but the grade boundaries are still good.


  • Chemistry 1: 51=A*, 42=A, 32=B
  • Chemistry 2:51=A*, 42=A, 32=B
  • Chemistry 3:44=A*, 39= A, 34= B

The grade boundaries for papers one and two are high, but I did find the papers easy. It’s a slight worry of course having such high boundaries as I can only afford to drop 9 marks! Grade boundaries for unit 3 are much lower, but I can’t remember how the paper went.


  • English Language:¬†55=A*, 50=A, 45=B

The paper was out of 80. Therefore the grade boundaries seem pretty low. However they are very tight with just a 5 mark difference between each grade. So I guess a lot of people may just miss out on their desired grade.


  • English Literature Poetry: 39=A*, 32=A, 25=B
  • English Literature Modern Texts:¬†53=A*, 46=A, 39=B

Poetry is out of 54, modern texts is out of 68. I think the grade boundaries are actually quite fair, especially for poetry which does seem a little low.


  • French Listening:¬† 30=A*, 27=A, 24 =B, 21=C
  • French Reading:¬† 34=A*, 31=A, 28=B, 25=C

Listening was out of 40, reading out of 45. To be honest I’m gutted with the listening grade boundaries, that paper was way too hard! I didn’t understand any of the questions! Yet I have to get over half to pass!


  • Geography 1:45=A*, 38=A, 31=B
  • Geography 2:61=A*, 52=A, 43=B

For specification A: paper 1 out of 75 and paper 2 out of 84. The grade boundaries seem really low! I can’t remember too much about the exam, but I think one of the papers was very challenging, however I can’t remember which.


  • Physics 1:46=A*, 37=A, 28=B
  • Physics 2:46=A*, 37=A, 28=B
  • Physics 3:¬†36=A*, 31=A, 26=B

I thought unit 2 was impossible and I really struggled with unit 1 too! However I felt unit 3 was the easiest, so I am disappointed the grade boundaries are so low on that one.


  • Maths 1 and 2 combined:¬†170=A*, 140=A, 105=B

The grade boundaries are higher than I wanted. They are also a lot higher than last years grade boundaries which is really disappointing. There is also a huge gap between each boundary for example a mark of 139 is a B, same as a mark of 105. Not fair.


  • Computer Science:¬†157=A*, 129=A,¬†101=B

They are ever so slightly lower than lasts years boundaries. The paper was very hard I found, so I don’t know where I stand on this one.



  • Re: 180=A*, 160=A, 140=B

This is for the combination of the two papers. I found paper 1 quite hard, while paper 2 was a lot better. So I wish the grade boundaries were slightly lower.

That is it…I did do OCR history as well. However the grade boundaries were so difficult to understand, so I left that one out. I also did AQA further maths, but I failed to find any grade boundaries for that exam. If you do know the grade boundaries for further maths please let me know! Otherwise the best of luck for your results!

Pokemon Go: Conspiracy Theories

We have all heard of it: Pokemon Go. It’s that new game everyone is playing on their phone’s. But is it quit what it seems? Or is there something strange and mysterious going on behind the seemingly fun and friendly game? Let’s take a look show we!

When one plays Pokemon Go, we have to allow the app to use our location. Straight away, I’m¬†dubious…I have never really trusted apps that want to know my exact location. We then have to start finding Pokemon and follow the map on our screen to Pokemon spots. It’s all very weird really, we have to use the camera on our phones to scan the area to find virtual Pokemon’s.

This leads us to the very first conspiracy theory, that Pokemon Go was created as a government surveillance app. Think about it, we scan the area around us with our phones…collecting data. This data can be used by the government to find out about places which they may not have access to. For example if you use Pokemon Go in your home, the government could potentially be able to see the layout of your home. Now I know a lot of you may think that this is far fetched, but it could be right. Just think about it. What if a member of a top secret agency played Pokemon Go while at work…the government would get access to the location of the agencies headquarters! Now, for me I am not working for any form of secret agency unfortunately. However I still will not play Pokemon Go, as I don’t want anybody to know my exact location or even worse…the layout of my house!

So we have discovered that Pokemon Go knows where you are. Which in itself is pretty scary, it knows where you are to the exact pin point. Not only does it know where you live, but where you visit. In away playing Pokemon Go is like walking around with a GPS tag, well in fact it’s the same. Where ever you go, Pokemon Go will record it. Therefore if everyone played Pokemon Go, the government would know where everyone is at all times. Imagine how useful that would be! Solving crimes would become so much easier, although the main issue is the fact that it is an invasion of privacy! I don’t want people to know the exact times I leave my house and the exact routes I take, not only is it a privacy issue but a security issue to. Even more scarily, Pokemon Go could easily work out who your friends and acquaintances are. ¬†Think about it, if you regularly meet up with someone and play Pokemon Go, the government will know you have a connection with them. Now I like to keep my connections private, I don’t want people to know who my friends are.

Basically I believe that the government created Pokemon Go, in order to get citizens to do the ‘dirty work’ for them. They have the detail of Google Maps, which acts as a template. To get the full picture, they need to see inside buildings and see places that google maps can’t reach…hello Pokemon Go!

On to a slightly different theory that the purpose of Pokemon Go is to make people lose weight. Now dare I say it, this is a slightly more believable theory. One can not play Pokemon Go from the comfort of their own home, in fact the game has prompted some users to go on long country walks in search of virtual Pokemon. Weird, I think. However on the front of weight loss, it appears to have done the trick. More people are out and about, going on Pokemon hunts and burning their calories…well data too! That brings us onto a different theory that Pokemon Go was created to increase phone bills. Now I don’t know about this one, as I don’t do 3G or 4G or anything that involves me departing with¬†my precious money! Although I heard the game eats your data, which it probably does. However I don’t personally believe phone companies are behind the game, let’s face it loads of apps eat up your data not just Pokemon Go.

This next theory is believable, but kind of weird at the same time. Pokemon Go was created to make people spend money. Getting users out of the house to burn calories is all well, but what happens when Pokemon’s end up in fast food outlets and shopping malls? A retailers dream. Apparently some large companies are paying the creators of Pokemon Go to put rare Pokemon’s in their store. Now this isn’t because they want to reward their customers, no! Instead they want you to buy things! If you go into their store in search of a Pokemon, you might just end up buying a new t-shirt or a cup of coffee at the same time…genius!

So that’s it…just a handful of the conspiracy theories around the game Pokemon Go. Would I play it? No! Should you play it? That’s up to you.

My Brother’s A-level Results

Now, I never told him I would publish his results online. Therefore I am not going to mention his name or anything. But let me give you some background on him: he is an A-level student, he is collecting his A2 results and he plans to do a gap year. He wants to do a gap year, not to go travelling but to find a job and get some money. Once his gap year is over, he plans to go to university to study criminology. Now to get on his criminology course he needs BCC.

This is where my problem arises, he thinks that he has worked really hard this year and will get those results. However I’m not so sure. A-levels are hard and I don’t know if he has put the work in. He has been playing it off, saying that his results are not important as he will do a gap year anyway. Yet, if he doesn’t get the grades, he may end up retaking the year.

My brother studied: psychology, philosophy & English literature.

I think I was more nervous for the results than him. The thing is, I am the youngest child. Anything that my older brother does, I have to match or beat! Of course I want my brother to do well, so he can follow his dream and go to university. However I don’t want him to do too well, so well that I can’t beat him. So really I am hoping he gets B’s and C’s. Just enough for him to scrape through into university, but not too high that I can’t do better!

The results are in! Drum roll please….

  • Philosophy: B
  • Psychology: C
  • English Literature: C

That gives him a solid BCC, meaning he can get into university! To be honest I am in shock! He passed every exam he took! I don’t know, how to feel! I am happy for him as he can go to university, but taken back by how well he did. I honestly thought he would at least fail one exam, but nope he passed every single one of them!

Well, I guess that concludes his A-level results 2016. He will not be retaking the year and the bench mark has been set for me. Gulp. Good luck to everyone out there collecting their results today, I wish you the best!

In a weeks time I will be collecting my GCSE results, so I will keep you all updated on how I got on.

My brother’s 18th birthday!

Knock. Knock. The day started at the unearthly hour of 9 am from an unexpected visit from my uncle. I hate it when people just show up on your doorstep totally unannounced! We were all in a state of shock! Not only that the house was a tip, and I was literally in my meerkat onesie! It was so awkward. Luckily he didn’t stay too long, he had a mug of tea and then spoke to me. Unfortunately my brother (the birthday boy) wasn’t up yet, so he had to speak to me, until he surfaced. Which meant I had to tell him all about my summer holidays and my future A-levels. I have to admit I felt a bit weird telling him about my plans to study A-level maths, chemistry, physics and biology…while wearing a meerkat onesie. He probably thought I had totally lost it…not far from the truth I suppose!

Once my uncle had left, we then began the process of cleaning the house. My aunty and granddad had briefed us about their arrival prior to their visit. Well when I say prior to their visit, what I mean is they rang us up at 10 to warn us they would be there for 11. This gave us an hour to a) get changed and b) clean the house up.

My aunty and granddad arrived at ten past 11 and did not leave until quarter to 2. So they were here a lot longer than we expected! We sat in the living room and drank coffee, while chatting about absolutely everything. We spoke about results day coming up, NCS, politics, kayaking, immigration, dogs, family and holidays. Shockingly my granddad gave my brother £150 for his birthday! I have to admit, I was a little jealous considering for my 16th I got £20.

After the visiting of the family, it was finally time for my brother to open up his presents. For his birthday I bought him a leather wallet, which came in a presentation box. I made sure to take all the price stickers off of it, however in one of the card holders there was a piece of card….which had the price sticker on the back! Great! The day just seemed to get worse! Then he moved onto opening the presents from our parents, who bought him a Garmin watch (one of them fancy running watches) and a running vest, along with ¬£60 cash and driving lessons. This was accompanied with the alcohol and pint glass bought by our aunt and ¬£50 given by our uncle.

Displaying IMG_20160816_133635.jpg

I finally began work on the birthday cake. Yes, I was actually put in charge of baking the birthday cake for my brother’s 18th! I baked him a chocholate and banana birthday cake, made from scratch. I even posted the reciepe online:Chocolate and Banana Cake Recipe

It was then off for a meal out, which turned out as a meal in. We had planned to go out to Pizza Hut, but my brother wasn’t overly keen on the idea. So we ended up getting fish ‘n’ chips at the local takeaway and eatting in. Although it was hard for me as I may of been eatting the left over cake mix and decorations.


Chocolate and Banana Cake Recipe


  • 175g plain flour
  • 2tsp baking powder
  • 1/2 tsp bicarbonate of soda
  • 80g milk chocolate chips
  • 150g caster sugar
  • 125g soft butter
  • 2 eggs
  • 3¬†mashed bananas
  • Chocolate buttons (decoration)
  • Drop of milk
  • 30g icing sugar

Step 1:

Preheat the oven to 160 degrees or gas mark 3.

Step 2:

Sift the flour, sugar, baking powder and bicarbonate of soda together in a bowl.

Step 3:

Add the two eggs.

Step 4:

Add the butter and mix it all together.

Step 5:

Gradually add in the mashed banana and the chocolate chips.

Step 6:

Grab a cake tin and grease it, or line it with baking paper.

Step 7:

Pour the cake mixture into the tin, creating a dip in the centre.

Step 8:

Bake for 25 minutes, checking on it regularly.

Step 9:

To see if it’s cooked stick a skewer into the centre, if it comes out clean the cake is done. If not return to the oven, until golden brown.

Step 10:

Carefully remove cake from tin and leave it at least two hours to cool.

Step 11:

Mix the icing sugar with a small amount of milk, to create a thick paste. Use the thick paste to stick down chocolate buttons in the pattern of your choice.

Step 12:

Serve up and enjoy!