About Me

Greetings fellow Earthlings, my name is Anna. I am 17 years old and I am a student from the UK. I started blogging in July 2016, but I have always had a passion for writing since I was little.  I am currently studying for my A-levels in Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Psychology. In the future I hope to study biomedical science at university. I have always had a passion for science, with biology and chemistry being my forte.

Apart from writing and science, I also enjoy cooking and baking. I wish to follow on my interest in cooking further in the future, especially once I move out to university.  In a past life I used to be very sporty, but now I have given up sport to pursue other hobbies and interests.

I love animals and I am a proud dog owner, having five dogs to date. One day I would like to own a cat as well! I often look after cats especially when family and friends are on holiday, so I do have a lot of cat handling experience.  I used to own hamsters and gerbils in the past, all of which are unfortunately no longer with me. All my pets are very important to me and I love them dearly.

I also like to think of myself as a bit of a photographer. Alright I have no training or qualifications and so on, but I do enjoy picking up my camera and taking a few arty snaps here and there. I post some of my pictures onto Instagram where I have a small (very small) fan base. In fact you can check out my Instagram here (Oh I do love a good self promo 😉 )

So that’s me: a loving, kind and considerate teenage girl. (or so I like to think )