Welcome to the World of Work!

Image result for mcdonaldIn case you didn’t know on the 1st August 2017 I began my first ever job, working at McDonald’s. Before you start I know working in McDonald’s is not a great job, but as a summer job for a 17 year old it is not bad. I was apprehensive at first but once I got the job I became excited and was looking forward to getting my first step on the employment ladder. It felt like a good opportunity I got to the age where most of my friends had done a little bit of work, whether that was working as a waitress or baby sitter etc.

Things didn’t quite go to plan. My first ever day was absolutely awful…..I mean awful. I came home late at night probably about 10:30pm and broke down in tears. I had no training what so ever and was just thrown straight into an 8 hour shift. I got my uniform but not the full set, I received my tops and trousers but no belt or name badge. I had no welcoming or even a “Hello” I was just put straight into making the drinks. They couldn’t find a crew trainer to train me so I just had to work things out by myself. I literally made stuff up as I went along. I found everything so stressful I received zero help and had no idea what I was doing. The orders constantly mounted up and I struggled to keep up, I felt like bursting out in tears. I was so upset that I couldn’t eat, I barely ate any of my free staff lunch. I was so over worked and stressed that I clenched my jaw too tightly and grinned my teeth so they ached.

The next few days were still a disaster I slowly became use to the soft drink machine and hot drink machine. I had nightmares with the milkshake machine and frappe machine. Nobody told me how to use the frappe machine so I just pressed a button and hoped it would work. Nobody told me you had to manually put the honeycomb into the honeycomb frappe, my first few orders were a total mess. I didn’t know which sauce went on which frappe, was honeycomb a caramel or chocolate sauce? It turned out it was chocolate, but at first I used caramel. Nobody told me how much sauce to put on and what pattern to do it in, it was only later that I was told 4 lines whereas I had just done a swirl. I would get the mango smoothie confused with the lemon smoothie and put the wrong sauce on each, I would use the wrong size lid or make it in a large cup rather than a regular. I felt totally out of my depth and had no idea what I was supposed to be doing. I wasn’t told that you had to physically hold onto the cups in the milkshake machine or they would fall out. I made a massive mess on the floor and I had no idea where to get a mop and bucket from. I didn’t know where the dish clothes were or where the ice was kept. Nobody ever told me these things, I felt abandoned and alone. I almost came to tears on numerous occasions.

I was literally left by myself and half the time I felt like nobody acknowledged my presence.  They didn’t set me up on the clocking in machine for ages, in order to register you are there and to get paid you must clock in. However I wasn’t set up on the system and had no ID card and no finger prints taken. This just added to my stress as I would come home from an 8 hour shift and just hope I was being paid. I honestly felt like quitting on several occasions. On my last shift one of the managers had a go a me. I arrived as normal and was going to speak to her to ask what I should do, but I got blanked. Knowing that I can only do the drinks and had been told the previous day I would stay in drinks for several weeks, I went straight to the drink station and began work. About an hour and a half later the woman came in and asked me who I was and why was I there. I was obviously rather confused, I mean obviously I work there because I was in a uniform. She seemed rather cross that I had simply started working. She then got stroppy and said I should have looked at the floor plan as I was supposed to be serving customers and not in the drinks station. At this point I was totally lost, I was literally told that I would be in drinks for several weeks until I was totally confident and a pro at drinks. She was very rude and said I was only meant to be there to cover people’s breaks. She then walked off without actually telling me what to do instead. I didn’t want to cause a big scene or anything so I just carried on with the drinks and for some reason she didn’t come back to disturb me the next time.

Well things have just got worse, I found out my good friend has just got a job there too! To make things worse she had a proper induction training and has been assigned to a crew trainer to help her through the process and the woman over seeing her training is the same woman who had a go at me! I’m so frustrated when I got my uniform they told me they had no belts left and yet she got one! Oh well I just wear my own black belt and no one has complained yet and if they do I will politely ask for a company belt. I currently hate my situation. My friend has been added into the Facebook group and everything, I am still waiting for my invite!

Oh well, like my mum says I am only there for the pay. I am not there to make friends and have a great time etc. This is work, not school. I only need to put up with it for a few more weeks, then I am out of there. It’s just difficult seeing my friend loving it and sending me pictures of her in her new uniform, when I am literally sat here crying about how sad the place makes me feel. Perhaps she will soon realise the harsh reality of McDonald’s work. It’s also unfair how she gets all this proper training, full induction and welcoming and I received nothing.


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