McDonald’s Induction Training

Image result for mcdonaldAfter successfully securing my first ever job at McDonald’s, I headed out to my welcome meeting and induction training. It was much different than what I was exacting. The McDonald’s I am going to work at is part of the motorway service station, so it was the service station who was running the meeting rather than McDonald’s itself. The induction meeting lasted 4 hours exactly and I didn’t even step foot into the McDonald’s itself!

I arrived 5 minutes early and waited with the other people on induction training. There was 6 of us in total and I felt like one of the youngest. Not everyone at the induction was going to work at the McDonald’s some of them were going to work in other units in the station. We received our free bottle of water and was taken to a back hut. We sat around a large meeting table and spent 2 hours going through paper work. It was form after form. We had to sign and date everything, my signature became a mess by the end of it. We were all given hefty contracts to sign, which I signed after scheme reading. 😉

We then got a tour of the premises. We started with front of house which is just the area open to the public. We got a quick speech about each unit and were pointed out every display board. We then got to go back of house which is for staff only. We went through some of the kitchens and washing up stations for other units, not McDonald’s. We got shown the basics from where the staff toilets were to where the smoking area was. We then visited the staff room, which was awful. I mean awful the room was tiny with a few seats and free squash. I don’t think I will enjoy sitting in there during my breaks! We were then shown the staff changing room, which was more of a cloak room. I wouldn’t get changed in there, it was very open and public, more like a store room. We were shown every single fire door possible and then were shown the managers office and how we clock in.

We then went back to the hut in order to sign more paperwork, this was to confirm that we had been told about the fire safety policy. We then received passwords and usernames for some E-learning that we had to complete, prior to our first shift. We were shown how to access the website and sign in. Afterwards we were told our shifts for that week and our clothe sizes were taken for our uniform. Then we were set free, to go home and work on our E learning.

That was my short experience with induction training, I have still not finished my training. I now expect to receive more McDonald’s training on how to make the burgers and drinks. Next time I will get my uniform and name bade, along with a company ID card. Once I have these I can fully begin my work and start. Now, I must go and continue with that painfully boring E learning!


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