EPQ Update: Planning Issues and Motivation Problems

I signed up for the Extended Qualification Project (EPQ) back in June 2017. I was keen and really wanted to do it. It would look good on my personal statement, give me something to talk about at an interview and may lower my entry grades. Fast forward to 1 month later and things are not looking so promising. It turns out that EPQ doesn’t hold as much weight as I was lead to believe, some universities say it is good but they don’t hold it that highly. Why? Because not everyone gets the opportunity to do one. I am luckily at my sixth form they offer it, but not every sixth form does. As a result it would be unfair for universities to use the EPQ as form of discriminating between students. In regards to interview material, I recently found out the courses I am applying for usually don’t require an interview (unless its Oxbridge). The top universities do not include the EPQ as part of their offer. Don’t get me wrong some universities do, but that is only if the EPQ is at A grade. From what I can gather the only way an EPQ is useful is if you get a grade A in it. Then you may find some select universities offering lower entry requirements.

With that said, I am still carrying on with my EPQ. I have already started and managed to get a reasonable way into it, so it would be silly to just through a months worth of work down the drain. I therefore need to commit to it and that is what I will do. A lot of people warned me that if I don’t choose a topic I am interested in, it will be a chore. I choose my topic to be on blood and genetics. I really enjoy the blood side of things and have always been interested in haematology, so that is okay. However the genetics, can be a little bit of a drag in some places. I only added genetics in there as I knew if I had just done blood, my report would not be long enough. I decided to look at the two topics in a broad and less scientific way than I originally wanted.  I guess my project has taken a psychology spin to it, rather than a vigorous scientific argument. If I could go back in time, I would not have looked at personality, but at blood disorders instead.

Now I am struggling to find the motivation to keep going. I have currently hit a bedrock so to speak. I have planned out my first section and written it up in my report. Then it is the second section. I didn’t want to spend so long on planning this time around, so I didn’t. I kind of just made things up as I wrote the final report, with no true structure. I thought it would save time and I could cut a corner with the planning. Unfortunately it has not paid off, I am struggling to write the report without having a plan set out. I am researching the topic, while writing it up at the same time. I think I need to take a step back, go back and plan it out properly. Then start writing it up, at the moment my report doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

Image result for no shortcuts to success

Right now, I need to find the motivation to get up and carry on. My next step is to go back and plan out all remaining sections properly and do not make short cuts. Then I need to carry on researching and collecting information. Then write the report up. Once that massive pile of work is done, I need to think about the final presentation. I will have to create some kind of display board and write a speech. So plenty of work to be getting on with!


One thought on “EPQ Update: Planning Issues and Motivation Problems

  1. Lazaro Appelman says:

    Aw, this became a really good post. In thought I must devote writing similar to this moreover – taking time and actual effort to create a excellent article… but exactly what do I say… I procrastinate alot and no means seem to get something carried out.


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