How I got my first job

After receiving nothing back from my previous two job interviews, I decided to apply for my local McDonald’s that was recruiting for seasonal staff. I was reluctant to apply, it isn’t my ideal job and I could think of better places to work. However nothing else has come up and with Summer already here, I desperately needed to find a job. The main off put about McDonald’s was the stereotype. As a child growing up you are told that if you don’t try hard at school you will end up working at McDonald’s. Well guess where life has taken me….the recruitment stage of McDonald’s.

I arrived with 15 minutes to spare, I sat and waited in the car park not wanting to arrive too early. I read someone online if you arrive more than 10 minutes early you look desperate for the job. I reassured myself  that it would not be that bad. I am only applying for a Summer job and even though McDonald’s isn’t the most prestige of places to work, it doesn’t mean I am a failure in life. As a first job it is not bad and of course that is not my future, I have bigger goals and ambitions, but for now I had to make the most of what I have got.

I walked into the McDonald’s five minutes before my interview was scheduled. I hung back a little as I wasn’t sure who to approach. When the guy at the counter was free, I approached him and told him I was there for a job interview with the person who emailed me. He pointed the lady out who was wearing a florescent jacket, I shook her hand and told her my name. She then explained that she would not be taking the interview, but another person would be. She handed me some documents and took me over to a quiet area to fill them out. She then asked for my passport to photocopy. I handed over my passport and got to work on the form. It was a very general form with name, phone number, email and stuff like that.

I then got called over by the guy who was going to interview me. We didn’t go out the back or anything and we ended up at some normal table. He spoke to me about my CV and asked some questions about my National Citizens Service award. He then began the proper interview.

What does respect mean to you?

“Treating other people how you wish to be treated and treating everyone fairly and equally.”

Who do you respect the most in your life?

“My parents as they have raised me and without them I may not be here today”

What is more important friendliness or speed?

“Friendliness. If the customer is not treated well they will not return. They may also tell others about their poor experience and this in turn will lose more customers”

If you were a brand what brand would you be?

“Umm, I’m not sure, something reliable”

There were other questions that I can’t remember. These were some of the more interesting questions. I was asked the generic questions like “why do you want to work here?” and then about working hours and availability. The interview took a structured style, the questions were preset and the same for everyone. My answers were not written down, but I was given verbal feedback.

I was then told that I would have a 10 minute trial on the till. I was nervous, having never worked on a till in my life. The guy showed me the very basics and I watched as he took some orders. Then he let me have a go. The first person was a member of the public it was a 50/50 effort. The guy asked for his order and I tapped it in, with guidance on what button to press. He took the cash and I gave the change. The next person was the store manager. It was tough. I asked him what he would like. He ordered probably the most difficult things on the menu. I wasn’t at all confident on the till and the guy with me had to help and give me guidance. However I managed to do it and served him. It was nerve wracking and I don’t think I came across as at all confident. My voice was shaking with nerves as I was totally out of my depth.

Afterwards the interviewer came back and sat me down. He offered me the job! YESSSS! I am no longer an unemployed person. He told me to stay tuned for an email about full induction training. He said I may start with 8 hours a week and possibly up to 20 in the busiest of times. I was a little disappointed with 8 hours a week, I was hoping anything up to 30 hours. However I will take it. He shook my hand and looked at my peach nail paint, he then replied the “nails will have to go”. I laughed. I then headed out with a job!



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