A Summary of Year 12

Related imageWow! I have finished my first year of A levels and have completed my AS levels. It’s kind of crazy to be honest, I still have not got use to telling people my A level options. When people ask “What A levels are you doing?” I still have to stop, think about it and then answer. I just feel as if my A level journey has only just begun. What is even more bizarre is the fact that it feels like last week I was deciding what subjects to study. I can easily remember going through all the subjects available and debating on each one. Now I am here!

It’s fair to say the time has gone quickly, even more quickly than I expected it to. It is scary, as this time next year I would have finished the whole of my A levels, finished sixth form and planning what to take to university.

My time in year 12 has been a bit of a whirl wind, I started off hating it! The problem was mainly due to my GCSE results. I came out with a great set of GCSE grades full of A* and A grades, I had a tremendous Summer doing NCS and living life to the full. Then I had a crash landing into reality, once sixth form began. It was a shock to the system, having been out for 2 months going back was a challenge. Nonetheless I didn’t know what to study at A level. Why? Well I hoped my GCSE grades would close some doors for me so to speak, in order to make the decision easier. I didn’t plan on doing quite as well as I did, so when my GCSE results showed I could study any subject I wanted to at A level it didn’t help. I couldn’t make my mind up, but in the end I found myself sticking with Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Psychology.

The first few weeks were a bit of a downward spiral for me and I would find myself breaking down in tears and crying in the early hours of the morning, wishing to go back into year 11. However I did manage to pull through, despite coming seriously close to considering dropping out and going to college to do a vocational course instead. Now I hate to look back at those dark sad times, when people mention it I still shiver a little. I can’t imagine what my life may have come to, if I had given up. The thought that I nearly through all of this away now terrifies me.

Once over my dark beginning to sixth form, I went back after Christmas to do my mock exams. I received AABD something I am not proud of. The D in maths felt like a knife through my heart as once again the tears escaped my eyes. It wasn’t until I got over this set back that I began to re-find my love for my subjects. My passion for biology and chemistry came back and I began to look forward to my lessons. I started to understand the topics better and no longer felt baffled and out of my depth. It took a while, but I got there.

Then I was into my AS level exams, which were a mixed back to say the least. However I am trying not to think about that at the moment as results day looms. That brings me to now in the present day and age. I have started an EPQ at the moment and plan to continue with it over the Summer and finish in year 13. I am beginning to draft my personal statement and prepare my UCAS application for university. I don’t know what the future holds and what subjects I will study next year. I plan to continue with biology and chemistry, but my 3rd subject remains unknown. I will of course keep you updated on my situation as results day (17th August 2017) continues to loom closer!


3 thoughts on “A Summary of Year 12

  1. myinsanewxnderlandblog says:

    Well done Hun! I’ve recently just finished my A Levels so now its just waiting until results day! I done EPQ this year, its fun if you have a good teacher, just make sure you write about something your passionate about because otherwise it will be more of a chore instead of a choice in doing the subject. Have a lovely summer and good luck with results day! Keep up with your blogging – I love the way you write xx


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