Two Job Interviews in One Day

Having never had a job interview in my life, I managed to find myself in a situation where I had two job interviews on the same day. So I took a day off from sixth form to attend my two interviews, for two different jobs at two different companies. I thought I would document how I got on in this new chapter of my life:


My first interview was for a “Retail Assistant” at a small supermarket on a camp site. I arrived at the interview wearing my smart black/blue dress and polished black shoes. I did my hair nicely and wore a sparkly necklace. I arrived at the venue and got a little lost, to the point I had to go in and ask at another shop for directions. However I had arrived early anyway and made it to the interview on time. I spoke to the lady behind the counter and told her I was there for an interview. She told me that the interviewer was currently busy interviewing someone else, she then gave me a notepad and asked me to walk around the shop and write down my thoughts. I then had to wait 30 MINUTES, yes 30 minutes! My mum had given me a lift in and was waiting outside! I started to stress out a bit as I thought if my interview took 30 minutes as well, she would get worried as I would have been so long! I felt awkward and out of place, I was dressed smartly while the employers there all wore trousers and t-shirts. There were random holiday makers there who were in the shop all wearing shorts and crop tops, while I am hovering around wearing a formal dress and making notes, I just felt out of place. The workers were all much older than me, probably about late twenties. They all got on very well with each other and were singing to the songs on the radio, like a cringe worthy karaoke night and dancing around the isles like lunatics. I just couldn’t imagine myself working there or with the people. I finally got into my interview. The interviewer seemed nice and friendly. My interview lasted less that 5 minutes, which I do not think is a good thing. I could not believe it the person before me was in there for about 40 minutes and I was in and out. The questions I was asked were basically the same as the questions I was asked on the telephone. There was almost no point in interviewing me, I felt that I was interviewed for the sake of it. As if they just wanted to interview me as part of their equality and no discrimination policy. I walked out feeling a little bitter, I didn’t like how I was treated and kept waiting for 30 minutes and then was only given a 5 minute interview. The funny thing about it is the fact that in my interview I was asked “what does good customer service mean?”. Huh. Well good customer service is not keeping people waiting for over half and hour to be served…just saying! 😉


My second interview of the day was for a “Leisure Assistant” at a holiday park. I arrived on time, wearing my same interview dress from the previous interview. I arrived and introduced myself to the lifeguard who was behind the counter. He seemed very friendly, he told me his name and asked me to grab a seat. Then of course I embarked on another wait, this time for 15 MINUTES. At least I could sit down and watch the kids have fun in the swimming pool. I spoke briefly to the two lifeguards who were trying to juggle soft balls. They were pretty rubbish at it and we had balls hitting the ceiling and flying every where. To the point they managed to throw one in my direction, so I had to throw it back. They asked me if I could juggle, which I now wish I could. The wait seemed to go quicker as I got to giggle at the lifeguards making a fool of them selves! I automatically felt more relaxed and at ease, the workers there looked to be of a similar age. When I say similar I mean maybe a couple years older, but not old. I think I could get on well with the employers there and I would certainly have a laugh. Then I was called into my interview, which I though went much better than the previous one. I even managed to chat about my pugs, a common interest me and the interviewer had. I spoke about my plans to go to university and study a science degree and go into medical research, something which I think impressed her. The interview almost felt like more of a chat. There were a few set out questions, the usual ones about availability and hours. I was told more about the job, which I was happy about as the job description was very vague. The only thing I didn’t find out about was the wages and how much I am going to be paid. The interview lasted about 15 minutes and I handed her a copy of my CV.

Overall two very different interviews and experiences. My first interview was by far the worst. I am quite surprised really as I though the first would be the best, as it is in a supermarket and would be less manic. However I felt out of place there and very odd. The second interview felt much better and I could see myself working there and possibly even enjoying it. I just have to wait now, both places said they would get back to me sometime next week. If I could choose I think I would work in the second place, even if the rate of pay was lower. In my opinion I don’t think I have got the job for the Retail Assistant in the first place, but I guess we will have to wait and see.

Fingers crossed I will get a job at either of the two places….wish me luck!


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