My first year of blogging

Boom! On this day last year in 2016, I signed up to WordPress and began my online blogging adventure! So as a kind of celebration and refection, I have decided to take the time to look back at my blogging career.

I began blogging this time last year as I had just finished my GCSE exams and was looking for something cool and exciting to do over the Summer. Looking back on it, I realise how far I have come in one year and how much I have grown as an individual.

I have published a grand total of 58 blog post and this will be my 59th. My first ever post was What is NCS? . Wow this time last year I was panicking and worrying about NCS (National Citizens Service). I even wrote a whole series on my blog about NCS, which I believe you can find under the ‘Advice’ section. NCS feels like years ago, the whole adventure week and college week, then the social action project. It all feels like a blur, almost like a distant dream. I believe my NCS: Week 1 is probably my most viewed and loved post out of the whole of my NCS series.

I have done lots of review based posts in my year of blogging. Reviewing all sorts from books (Creative Therapy Book Review) and TV shows (Rich Kids of Instagram Review). I have also done an array of cooking blogs from Lemon Trifle Reciepe to Chocolate and Banana Cake Recipe. I have not posted a cooking post in quite a while actually, I do still cook but now a days I usually go freehand and don’t really follow a recipe as such. Perhaps more cooking blogs should be on the way soon! 😉

Another popular post of mine is Pokemon Go: Conspiracy Theories wow can you remember when Pokemon Go was the whole craze! I never actually played the game myself, but it was very popular at the time.

The most popular post of all time is : GCSE Grade Boundaries I published this post the very day before my GCSE results were released. In case you didn’t know exam boards publish the grade boundaries the day before results day, so I thought I would stress myself out over them and analyse every aspect of the results table. To be honest the stress of GCSEs feels small and insignificant in the grand scheme of things, especially now with A-levels.

Then there appears to be a rather huge jump in my life between GCSE and A level. For me this jump was daunting and it was certainly not a smooth landing. After having an epic Summer out doing NCS and receiving a fantastic set of GCSE results, it was fair to say I was on the top of the world, life was good and the future looked promising. Slap. A-levels hit me straight in the face. All of a sudden my perfect world came shattering down around me. Sixth form was tough, I had arguments with my friends and I wanted to give up. I would come home with tears in my eyes and was so upset I could not eat. Yes, it was that bad. So I turned to you guys, my fans, my supporters and my readers. Your help, support and advice came flooding in and I am totally grateful. 🙂

After a rocky start to sixth form, things looked to finally be settling down. Until I took another blow at my AS mock exams it was a bit of a trauma,getting a D grade at A-level maths. Especially after achieving an A* at GCSE maths. However I managed to pull through and carry on with maths.

That brings me up to my very latest posts which are mainly on my university open days. It’s crazy to think this time last year I had literally just finished my GCSEs, then fast forward one year and I am attending university open days. It really is a huge step up. If there is one thing that documenting my year and blogging has taught me is that you should never give up as things will get better. I can’t imagine what it would be like if I had dropped out of sixth form. Everyone needs to grab life with both hands and go for every opportunity they get, just put yourself forward even if you are not sure.

Life is an adventure, so live it!



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