My Easter Revision Plan

So Easter holidays are here enter: procrastination, eating chocolate eggs and catching up on TV.

However this time I have decided to become motivated and do some revision for my quickly approaching AS exams. It feels like only a few weeks ago when I was deciding what AS levels to study and now I am sat here panicking about exams! It’s crazy to think that this time last year I was stressing about GCSEs, now I am here doing the exact same thing but for AS.

I have exactly 17 days off for Easter, 4 of those I have to go into sixth form to do some timetabled study sessions. So that leaves me with 13 days to chill, sorry I mean study. That’s why I am here, to motivate myself into revising or I know the holidays will pass by and I will have barely picked up a pen.

So my plan of action is simple:

  • ~4 hours of study a day
  • ~ 4 past papers a week (Chemistry + Biology)

My goal is to cover every subtopic which is approximately one HUNDRED!! Gulp. I need some serious motivation to keep this up!

So my plan is to do 2 biology and 2 chemistry papers over each weekend of the holiday. I want to do 6 maths papers in the whole 17 days (2 core one, 2 core two, 2 statistics). Along with 2 psychology past papers (My course is new so there are no more)

I am a little stressed as two of my friends have manged to copy out the entire chemistry revision guide, which I have only scanned through! Life is stressful! I just have to hope for the best, wish me luck!

May the rest of your days be as productive as your dreams!



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