AS mock exam results

I wasn’t going to post about this, as I wasn’t very happy with my results. However I feel like I should, because I told you all about my mocks in my latest post: AS Mock Exams. So I decided it would only be right to follow it up, so here I am about to tell you my grades. Drum role please……….AABD

Let us go from lowest to highest, because I am not a negative person at all! 😉 So my D grade was in maths. Not my best subject by far, and the first time I have ever got a D grade in my life! To say I am disappointed would be an understatement. In fact I am beyond devastated, I literally cried when I saw my grade. I am NOT a D grade student! I repeat, I am NOT a D grade student. The paper was in fact really hard and I knew I hadn’t done well, but I hoped I would scrap a C….but no. Half of my class got a U grade, so I guess I did better than some, however one student in my class got an A. I guess there is definitely room for improvement!

Next up was my B grade, which was in Biology. I wasn’t  surprised with my grade as I knew I messed up a few of the questions. My biggest problem was the fact that my teacher hadn’t taught me one of the topics, I am not just using that as an excuse by the way! She generally didn’t! One of the big 5 markers was on a topic we hadn’t covered yet: Vaccines. In fact I am still waiting for her to teach us that topic! One thing I was happy about, was the fact that I got most of the maths based questions correct. Which lets face it, was a surprise!

Moving onto my two A grades which were in Psychology and Chemistry. We will start with psychology as I scored 89% (UMS) on that one! To look at the percentage and the grade I am one happy bunny. However when I actually go through my paper, my smile fades. I had some issues with the longer answer questions and dropped a few easy marks. Even though I got a good grade, it would be wrong of me not to point out that the majority of my class also received an A. Does that take away from my grade? Maybe. Scoring 1% higher, is my Chemistry results with 90% (UMS). I was very pleased with my grade, my percentage and my paper! Of course there were a few silly mistakes here and there, which I will beat myself up over. However I am pleased with my result for Chemistry.

Overall it is a mixture of feelings, I feel that the one bad grade (D in maths) devalues the rest of my work. It’s like I am unable to focus on the positives of my other good grades, when all I can think about is the horror of maths. Oh well, it gives me something to improve upon.


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