AS Mock Exams!

This week I took my AS level mock exams. It was a stressful experience and one that didn’t go too well either!

First up we had maths, which was an absolute disaster! In a practise we did in class I just scrapped an A, so I was sure with a little revision I would be fine. But no, oh no. It was one of the worst exams I have ever sat in my LIFE! The paper we did seemed to be so much harder than any past paper I had done at home or in class. I couldn’t believe it! I left so many questions blank, looking back on it I know that I got one of the ‘easier’ questions wrong. I dread to think of my grade. 😦

Straight after the shocker of maths I had just enough time to swallow a sandwich before heading to my psychology exam. Going in I was a nervous wreck, we had two parts of the exam: the first biological and the second social. I had done more revision for psychology than I had maths. Overall I felt both parts of the exam went well, in fact I think it was the best paper I did out of all my AS exams. The only slight issue I had is the fact that I messed one of the questions up. The question stated ‘Evaluate’ so of course I evaluated the theory, but I forgot to actually state what the theory was! AHHHHH!

The following day was an early start with my Biology exam at 9am. The bio exam was stressful, I got the timing wrong. The exam was an hour and a half, but I thought we only had an hour. So I rushed the entire paper, almost had a panic attack when I looked at the clock and thought I had 5 minutes left, with about 8 questions to go. So I rushed and wrote a load of rubbish and didn’t even read the question properly, I just wanted to get something down. The last few questions were all on a topic that we have not covered: immunity.

Chemistry was my last exam, it was alright. There was a lot of maths calculations, calculate the mass of this, calculate the number of moles in this, work out the concentration of this acid, work out the percentage purity of this and work out the atom economy for this. Maths isn’t my strongest area, so I did struggle a little with the maths side. The actual chemistry was alright, I got one question about dative bonds wrong (I drew the arrow the wrong way).

Overall it was stressful and it makes me worry about May when I take the real exams! I just hope I haven’t got a U in maths!



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