2016- ‘A year of change and opportunity’

For me personally 2016 has been an outstanding year, full of achievement and change. Let me take you on a whistle stop tour of my year in review.

My greatest memory of 2016, comes from my GCSE results. I sat so nervously in my mum’s car, grasping the envelope in my hands as if it was so powerful and so important I barely could hold it. Hands trembling, I struggled to rip the envelope open. My eyes scanned down the page, taking in the grades without looking at the subjects. All I could see was A*s and As (with that one pesky C). I squirmed and squealed in joy and happiness, tears forming in my eyes. I received 8A*s, 4As and a C. I was so pleased and so proud of my achievements  I literally screamed in happiness. I was especially proud of maths, I received an A* for the first time ever! I also managed to pass further maths with an A, which I had expected to fail.

My brother managed to pass all 3 of his A-levels, with BCC. I was very happy for him and he really put the effort in this year. He really changed and improved his attitude towards education, good for him. He is now taking a gap year and has even managed to find a job!

This summer I took part in National Citizens Service (NCS). Although it had its ups and downs, I am really glad I took part. It was a very memorable experience and I tried many new things, such as kayaking and paddle boarding. I am proud of myself for completing the 4 week course, as I never thought I could do it. All my family thought I would drop out on day 2, but I pulled through and graduated this September. Standing on stage collecting my award was a moment full of self-accomplishment.

After 8-9 years of playing badminton, this year saw my short lived badminton career come to an end. I gave up badminton to focus on my GCSEs and academics. It was a tough decision and one I had been pondering for months. But looking back on it now I am glad I finally left. I do not miss the cold sports hall, clothes damp with sweat and pressure of competing in tournaments.

At the end of June I went to my school prom, which was at a posh country hotel. I wore a dark blue dress with silver heels. It was a fabulous night where we were greeted with peach smoothie and danced away for the last time as a whole year group. They always say your school prom is a night to remember.

This September I started my A-levels, I am studying Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Psychology. My sixth form experience got off to a rough start, but I pulled through the first term. At the end of my first term I won the star award for psychology, which I was very happy with as psychology is a new subject for me.

At the end of year school celebrations I won a further two awards. One for ‘The Highest Achievement at GCSE’ which I got for achieving 10 or more As or A*s. The other award was for ‘Best progression from KS2 to GCSE’ which I won for getting higher than all my target grades. It was fantastic to win awards at the school ceremony, it was the first time I ever got an invite.

As a family we sold a house we inherited last year from a family friend. It was a little sad to see the house go as I had a few memories of being there. However handing the keys over to the estate agent felt like some sort of completion. We then went ahead and bought a smaller more manageable house in the town. Which we are currently doing up in order to rent it out in the new year.

In regards to music and entertainment. This year I got into two amazing BBC programs. First was ‘Thirteen’ which is a drama series about a girl who was abducted as a teenager and grew up in her kidnappers basement. She manged to escape, but her kidnapper is now on the run and plans to hunt her down. It is a gripping series with two detectives and a broken family. The other BBC show I got into this year was ‘Class’ which is a spin-off of Doctor Who. Having not watched Doctor Who I was apprehensive, but the story line is very engaging and pulled me in. In regards to music one artist that stood out for me was Sia. Her song ‘Cheap Thrills’ became my motivation for my GCSEs, before I went into each exam I played the song in order to get my adrenaline pumping.

So that is my year summed up, lots of great achievements and plenty of memorable moments. I would like to wish all my readers a fantastic new year, and I hope 2017 is filled with promise and opportunity.



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