My First Term at Sixth Form

Christmas is here!!!!

My first term at sixth form is officially over! It is actually crazy to think that I have completed a third of my first year already, it feels like yesterday when I started my sixth form adventure. Now I am here, looking back and reflecting on my first full term as an A-level student.

Socially sixth form has been great, I have made a few new friends and have become closer to my original friends. I am never alone in my frees and I always have someone to talk to. In fact my social abilities have definitely improved since starting sixth form. Before I only ever used to talk to people within my circle of friends, I rarely spoke to people who were not in my group. Now I have lots of strong connections with people who are not within my group. I am even spending time outside of sixth form with my friends, for example tomorrow I am off to the cinema with two of my friends from sixth form and the following day I am meeting up with an old friend to go Christmas shopping. I am still quiet within class though, I don’t contribute to class discussions and rarely express my ideas. I guess I am not a confident person and old habits die hard.

Academically I am doing 4 AS levels that include Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Psychology. At the moment biology is very content heavy, there is a lot to learn in a short space of time. We seem to be flying through the topics incredibly quickly, the lessons are fast paced and the homework is massive. At times it has felt a little over whelming, especially with all the new terminology. However I do understand the concepts covered, it is just a case of remembering every fine detail. Chemistry is almost the opposite in regards to pace, we seem to be doing very little in chemistry. We have conducted the same titration practical 5 times now, it is almost becoming deja vu. The topics in chemistry vary considerably in regards to difficulty. Topics like Atoms, Bonding, Periodicity and Calculations are all very easy and straight forward. Whereas topics like Electrophilic Additions and Reaction Mechanisms are very confusing! One thing I don’t like about chemistry is that people think I am good at it. All the other students in the class look up to me as some sort of chemistry prodigy, but in all honesty my chemistry is rubbish!

That leaves me with maths and psychology. So far maths has not been too bad! Core 1 maths is almost the same as further maths GCSE (which I got an A in) just a little harder. There is one topic called ‘Applications of Differentiation’ which I understand none of, it is like a cross between physics, maths, logic and common sense (something I lack). Psychology has been going well in terms of grades, however I feel I lack passion for the subject. I find about 70% of the information boring and a waste of time. Sometimes I struggle to keep my eyes open, the lessons just put me to sleep!

So that sums up my first term of sixth form. Of course I had my opens and downs, mainly the first two weeks, which were awful. However I have made it out alive. I am now off on my Christmas Holidays, I plan to meet up with some friends and do a bit of revision for my mocks in January.



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