11 weeks into A-levels

Including my half term holiday, I am 11 weeks into my A levels. I wanted to share with you how things are going so far. I am studying 4 A levels: Chemistry, Biology , Maths and Psychology. This is how I am finding the subjects so far:


During the lesson, I often struggle to pick things up straight away. Meaning I regularly leave the class completely confused and questioning myself on why I ever took the subject. But once I get home I pull my textbook out and I go over things on my own and it just makes so much more sense. Perhaps it is the teacher rather than the subject that I am finding hard to understand. During the lessons I often feel a bit stupid as a result as everyone else just seems to get it instantly, while I am left sat there doubting myself.


Probably the most full on subject in my opinion. We cover such a huge amount of work in one lesson. I almost feel that my teacher is rushing through the work so quickly and leaving us all behind as a result. At least with biology some of my fellow class mates are struggling just as much, if not more than me. I have had a real mix of results for biology in some tests I have got an A, while in one homework I got a U. So it’s hard to tell what I will get.


Boring as usual. As I did GCSE further maths last year, a lot of the syllabus is not new to me. Some parts of maths are really tricky, but I feel that if I just keep working at it, I will eventually get there.


What a wreck! I have 2 teachers: 1 loves me and 1 hates me. The one that loves me has sent me postcards saying how well I am doing, she congratulated me for getting the 2nd highest mark in the year on a test we did and she congratulated me again for writing the best essay in the year which she said was “almost faultless”. However the other teacher hates me with a passion, she sent a letter home to my parents saying  that “my standard of work was not good enough”. Rude. She made me cry the other day and she makes me so angry!

Socially sixth form is okay. Recently the common room has been shut down and will remain closed for 5 months while they refurbish it. So I basically have no where to go. One of the girls in my friendship group is blind, so we can’t eat in the canteen like all the others as it is too dangerous for her. As a result we have to eat our lunch in spare classrooms, which is always awkward!

So overall my sixth form experience so far hasn’t been too awful, I mean it certainly could be better. However it could also be much, much worse!


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