My November Challenge

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A new month, a new start.

This month I am going to make things happen as I begin my journey to becoming a better, more successful person. You may think it’s odd to make a resolution in November, after all it is traditionally ‘New Year’s Resolution’. However the time of year doesn’t stop me and I can’t afford to wait until January anyway!

My challenge is going to improve my studying, fitness, driving, blogging and overall well-being.

The first area I am going to improve is my studying. I realise that I need to study more in order to achieve a good set of grades at A level. My new goal is to study for at least 1 hour a day on weekdays, and 2 hours a day when I am on weekends or holiday. I am also going to try to make more efficient use of my free periods at sixth form in order to achieve more work.

The second area is my fitness. This comes in two sections: diet and exercise. I have decided that from now on, I am only going to eat when I am hungry. Even if this means I end up having lunch at 3pm, it should still be fine. Exercise wise, I need to improve my level of fitness. I currently train a little on our treadmill and do a few star jumps here an there. In August I trained 9 times, September: 5 times, October: 6 times. This month my goal is to train 10 times.

Last month I began to look at driving (see Learning to drive?). However I only had two attempts. The first one wasn’t even a proper attempt, I moved the car no more than 5 metres before freaking out! The second attempt was much better, I managed to move the car in a solid straight line, at a slow but consistent speed. This month I want to pursue that further. I need to work on my steering as so far I’ve only gone in a straight line! My goal is to have 5 attempts in November.

Blogging. Last month was my worst! I only managed 3 posts, which is by far my lowest yet. This month I am determined to post more often. I am not going to set a goal as such. I know if I say I have to write 10 posts or something, the quality will be shocking. So instead I am just going to try to post a little more frequently and hopefully gain a few more views in the process. Providing I beat last month, which was the lowest month on record I should be fine.

I will be keeping you all up to date on my progress and how I am finding the challenge. So wish me luck! xx


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