HE+, Half Term & Work Experience

I thought I would do a life update type post, on everything that has been going on resonantly.

I am currently on my first day of half term holiday, which is a complete relief! I need to spend some quality time relaxing and catching up with old friends. The only problem is school work. I spent my Friday night writing a list of all the homework, note writing and revision I have to do over the holidays. The worst of it is my psychology homework, which is a 13 hour project for BOTH teachers, meaning I have two lots of 13-hour homeworks to do, resulting in a massive 26 hours of work! Not to mention the “side” homework which is to revise for TWO end of topic psychology tests! AGHHHH!

The only thing I hate about not being at my sixth form is the lack of resources I have at home. At school I print out all my work, because at home our printer has been broken since the dawn of time. Yet, since I’m not there I can’t do any printing. This leads me onto my next topic of discussion which is of course work experience. So Yesterday my sixth form gave me a booklet and a quick assembly, before sending us off into the world of work. Yes it’s work experience time again. I’ve done work experience before, where I worked in a cattery. This time however we have to make our work experience specific to the career we wish to follow. For me this is bio-medicine, which is notoriously hard to get experience in! Specially since so many other medical hopefuls will be applying to the same places as me.

This leads me nicely into my final piece of news. Drum roll please. I’ve been selected for the HE+ programme. Okay, so you probably have no idea what that is, so let me fill you in. HE+ stand for Higher Education Plus, it is this scheme run by Cambridge University as part of their early applicants regime. It is basically for year 12 students who they feel may have a shot at Cambridge University, and guess who they choose….ME! To be fair I am actually quite shocked, as I have never been regarded as gifted and talented or anything like that. At the same time I am quite apprehensive about the whole scheme as I feel that I may potentially be the thickest person there. A few of my friends have been selected and they can’t wait, saying that it will be a giant hall of nerds together! For me personally I don’t regard myself as a “nerd” and the idea of being surrounded by a group of stuck up snobs who think they are more intelligent than everyone else is beyond horrifying. But at the same time I wouldn’t mind a look around Cambridge and an overnight stay there, as few people get to say that they were acknowledged by one of the top universities in the world, let alone stay a night there and chat with the professors!



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