Creepy Clown Craze

The Creepy Clown Craze, let’s just not say any more.

This craze has swept the UK by storm. To be honest I am quite surprised about how far and how quickly it spread. Just for anyone who doesn’t know the creepy clown craze, is where strange people dress up as clowns and go terrorising youngsters and old people. It started in the US, but now it has reached all corners of the UK. No where is safe!

I don’t live in a city, I actually live in rural Somerset. I am pretty much out in the countryside…all alone. You would thing the creepy clown craze is something that only goes on in the cities, but no you are wrong.

Just to be clear, I haven’t seen any clowns myself. Oh and I don’t wish to see any either, however the whole concept fascinates me and terrifies me at the same time.

I guess one of the main reasons why I haven’t seen a clown is probably because they are out more at night. Most of the sightings occur in the early hours of the morning, when one is tucked up in bed. I guess I am not the most social person either and hate leaving my house, which supports the reason why I haven’t seen one. They are not exactly going to come to my house either as I live in a safe area.

Let’s talk about local ‘sightings’. A clown was spotted in a local car park, which is approximately a 15 minute drive from my house (which is pretty close)! Another few clowns have been spotted in this open park, which is about a 10 minute drive from my house. Then there have been several reports of clowns in a neighbouring town. One of my friends lives in a little village, where there was a clown going around the other night, armed with a knife.

Are these clowns dangerous? Who knows. I’ve read loads of reports online about these clowns. Some claim that these clowns have tried to kidnap small children, while others claim that they are out to scare the elderly. I read one case online where an elderly lady collapsed after a gathering of clowns appeared at her window. There was another case as well about the clowns encouraging school girls into their van. What ever is going on and what ever the intention of these clowns I suggest not approaching them, and to stay alert.

On a new update, there is a woods close to where I live (about 20 minutes away) where a clown has been spotted. Apparently the clown tried to encourage a group of youngsters into the woods to play ‘hide and seek’. Creepy.


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