Learning to drive?

At the young age of 16 years and 4 months, I am already being forced into looking at driving. My sixth form had a local driving instructor come in this week to talk to us about road safety. He made us watch these horrific videos of car crashes, which were a little too graphic!

Then he said that next week we would be able to have ago at driving. Cry. My sixth form are having a ‘driving awareness day’. It’s a whole day talking and learning about cars, the road and driving. I am absolutely terrified! We have to drive around the tennis courts in a perfect circle, with an instructor in the passenger seat and to make matters worse….your friends in the back.

A few of my friends are already learning how to drive, as they are older than me. In the UK you can learn to drive at 17, which some of my friends are. The worst thing is the fact that they can drive well and keep the car moving. They certainly will have no trouble driving around the tennis courts, me on the other hand…it’s a different story.

Horrified by the thought of messing up and crashing into the fence, I decided to get a little bit of help…in the form of mum. Today she drove me to this little car park near our home, which was completely empty. She hopped out and I hopped into the driving seat. It was absolutely horrendous. It turns out I am quite heavy footed and as I pressed the accelerate the car really revved up! It was terrifying! The car leaped into action and I started moving forward very jaggedly. The car was bumping up and down like a kangaroo, traumatised I hit the breaks and halted to a stop, a solid 2 metres away from where I started.

It really was atrocious, I was shaking and crying. To make matters worse my mum was forcing me to try again. I hated it. Right there and then, I had enough. All I wanted to do was go home, but my mum wouldn’t let me. She took over and drove around the car park several times in a perfect circle. Then stopped re-positioned the car and tried to persuade me into giving it another go, but I just couldn’t. I hate being pushed and forced into doing things, I like to do it at my own pace. I wanted to turn the car off and simply get a ‘feel’ for the pedals and where they were, instead of going straight into driving. I think I definitely need to take it slower and not get forced into driving around without being able to master the basics.

I know I only gave it one proper go, but for me that was enough. I don’t want to learn to drive, it all seems too daunting and difficult. I hate the thought of being pressured into driving around and doing something that I do not feel confident with.

I guess if I had a proper driving instructor it would be worse, I couldn’t just jump out after 3 minutes and say it wasn’t for me. I would have to sit there for the entire hour crying and begging them to let me go!

Oh well. I guess I will NOT be hitting the road anytime soon! I might just not turn up to sixth form on the driving awareness day, to avoid the embarrassment.


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