First Day of Sixth Form

“The jump from GCSE to A-level is the biggest jump you will take in your whole academic life”- Mr Smith 2016

Gulp. The dreaded day had arrived, where I would embark on my adventure into A-levels. It all started with an hour and a half tutor time, which may I add was stupidly boring. We did nothing except receive our timetables and chat. I was then off on my first free period, which I spent worrying about my subject choices and blankly staring at a computer screen. Which was then followed by a 20 minute assembly from our headmaster who over used his cliche sayings on us.

My first proper lesson was psychology. We didn’t do any psychology work as such, instead we just looked at the course outline and what we will be studying. It looked fairly interesting and our teacher seemed very nice and friendly. However I am still slightly dubious as I have never studied psychology before. We did a few icebreakers and introduction things, which were alright.

Then I had lunch and another free. It was very boring as I had absolutely no work to do as it was the start of term obviously.  I spent the time in the common room chatting to my friends which was a little awkward as I hadn’t spoken to them for a solid 9 weeks!

Then it was onto physics, there are 16 people in my class with only 3 girls. We didn’t look at the course content much, but looked at base units instead. Which was suppose to be the easiest thing possible (I still found it challenging)!

Then it was time to go home. I found the day stressful and boring. Stressful as I don’t know what subjects I am doing and boring because I had nothing to do in the frees. So not the best day ever!


8 thoughts on “First Day of Sixth Form

    • AnnaBananaStyle says:

      Aww thank you! At the moment I am so stressed out about it all, I am literally crying! When does it start to get better? (I know it’s only my second day, but still I couldn’t feel any more out of my depth) xxx Good luck with year 13! 🙂

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