Summer 2016

“This will be the longest summer of your life!” My head teacher said to me.

Facts wise he is right, I have had 8 weeks off instead of the standard 6. This is due to my exams and the fact that we finished early, so I have been off for the past 2 months! However tomorrow it all comes to an end, as I head into the sixth form to start a new adventure into adulthood. Sad times. I have really enjoyed my time off, so I wanted to share with you all some of the amazing things I have been up to.

To start with I started blogging this summer! Back on the 11th July 2016, I published my first post and created this website. I did it for fun as I was bored one day and decided to take up blogging, now I am here in September 2016 still blogging. Resonantly my blog was spotted by a website called I also reached the milestone of 50 likes! Keeping on the technology and IT theme, I also set up a Whats-app account this summer. I also joined an online forum and became part of The Student Room, you can check my profile out here:

Of course summer wouldn’t be summer without a lot of shopping trips! This summer I have bought more than I have ever before! I bought some cool pug socks and some thermal woolly socks for the winter. I bought some baggy floral trousers from New Look, along with some new tights. I bought two ‘technical’ tops aka sport tops, one from Mountain Warehouse and the other from Sports Direct. I bought a pair of Aztec leggings from the market. Some strawberry scented hand gel, along with mini travel size toiletries. Accompanied with this I also bought some new ear phones by SkullCandy. With some new bedding from The Range. I also bought a new swimming costume, which is a black and white tie dye print. I also bought a new vest top from Matalan and a pair of shoes from Tesco. I invested in a gross amount of sweets including two types of mints, butterscotch sweets and rhubarb and custard sweets. Along with two new items of jewellery: a dragonfly necklace and a heart necklace. Then I hit Primark where I bought a new vest top (£2), two pairs of jeans (£7 each) and two checked shirts (£6 each). I also picked up some stationary stuff for sixth form. From Tesco I bought 4 new project books with 4 refill pads and a smaller project book. Along with a new pencil case from Wilko. Shopping wise that was it sort of….

Except we bought a new house! My parents bought another house to rent out, my parents are property investors by the way.

At the very start of the holidays I went to a pug dog party in Surrey. We took along our 5 dogs (4 pugs and a cross). It was a little stressful, but not too bad! Later on in the holidays we went to the local hospice fete, with the dogs.

I also went on multiple countryside walks, one of the great advantages of living in a rural environment I suppose. I went on many dog walks with my family and even went on a hike up a hill with one of my friends.

Having so much time off, I was able to work on one of my great passions of life: baking! Throughout the summer I baked a coffee cake, banana and chocolate cake, lemon triffle and a blackberry apple crumble. On a slightly different note, I was able to go down to the local ice cream parlor and try out their new range. Where I had mocha flavour ice cream and chocolate orange flavor ice cream. Apart from cooking I was able to do a little art and began to start work on my adult colouring book again!

Going to more events, my brother celebrated his 18th Birthday this summer. He also received his A-level results and I received my GCSE results.

Moving onto the weird topic of fitness. I officially left my badminton club of 9 years, after not turning up for the past 4 months. However I have strangely took up running on the treadmill that we have, although I don’t do it often!

Then of course, the main event: NCS. In case you don’t know this summer I took part in National Citizens Service. I made one new friend who I still talk to today and learnt a bit about myself, but most importantly I had a lot of fun!

Aside from all the fun and interesting things I got up to, I had some boring stuff to do as well. I had to sort out my bank and complete a 15 hour math assignment entitled ‘bridging the gap between GCSE and A-level’. Fun times.

Anyway that is what I have been up to during my amazing summer holidays! Now it’s time to head back to work and embark on my latest adventure into sixth form…wish me luck!




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