GCSE Results Day

The day is finally here: GCSE results day 2016!

I was so worried and anxious about my results, that I barely slept all night! The results were released at 9am, but I didn’t receive mine until 10:20 in order to avoid the crowds. Going into collect them I was so incredibly nervous, my hands were shaking and I had butterflies in my stomach. I grabbed my results and ran to the car before anyone could ask me how I did. Getting to the interesting part my results were as follows:

  • Maths A*
  • Chemistry A*
  • Physics A*
  • Biology A*
  • Business A*
  • Re A*
  • Geography A*
  • English Literature A*
  • English Language A
  • Further Maths A
  • Computer Science A
  • History A
  • French C

Overall I am very happy with my results, so happy that I cried when I opened them! Out of the 268 students in my school I placed a solid 7th, with 8 A*s, 4 As and a C.

The result that shocked me the most was both maths! After seeing the very high grade boundaries yesterday, I thought I was heading for a B in maths.So once I opened up my results and read A* in maths, I was shocked beyond belief…I’ve never got an A* in maths before! Especially further maths, I was really just looking for a pass! I’m so pleased!

Also I am incredibly happy with a solid run of straight A*s in all my sciences! I was over the moon, with chemistry being my best science! I thought I would end up with a B in physics as that is what I got in my mock exam back in January. Instead I boosted myself up to an A*.

Seeing the A* in Re came as a relief, I had been predicted A* throughout school and received the grade in all my mocks. So seeing that A* was a relief as I know my teacher would be proud, not to mention I got UMS of 99 and 100 in re. This puts re up as one of my top subjects.

I was a little gutted with my A in English language, only because I had received an A* in all the mocks I have ever done. So to see an A was a bit disappointing, my teacher had predicted me an A* in language with an A in literature…I guess he got them the wrong way round.

Then it comes to history, where once again I was a little disappointed with my A. I mean I know an A is great and everything. However in my mock exams I got an A* 96% making me the top history student in the year! I guess my history went down a little, I mean it’s not the end of the world. I had no ambition to study history at A-level anyway!

Then of course I can’t go without talking about French. I got a C, which is considerably lower than my other grades. However French was always my worst subject at school, considering my teacher gave up on our class! I really struggled with the French listening exam and ended up with a U in that module! I got a C in the reading module, B in the speaking and an A in writing. Which all balanced out at a C. Really the controlled assessments saved me here!

Overall I got 8A*s, 4As and a C!


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