GCSE Grade Boundaries

It’s the day before results day, which means one thing: the grade boundaries have been released!

That’s right the exam boards have told us what marks we need for each grade, just so they can watch thousands of students squirm uncomfortably before the dreaded day. So I am going to go through the grade boundaries for each one of my exams.


  • Biology 1: 49=A*, 40=A, 31=B
  • Biology 2: 45=A*, 36= A, 27=B
  • Biology 3: 41=A*, 36=A, 31=B

The papers were out of 60. To be honest I think the grade boundaries are reasonably fair, however I think the grade boundary for paper one should be lowered a little as the paper was harder than the other 2.


  • Business 1: not available
  • Business 2: 47=A*, 42= A, 37=B

Once again the grade boundaries are fair. I found paper 2 hard, but the grade boundaries are still good.


  • Chemistry 1: 51=A*, 42=A, 32=B
  • Chemistry 2:51=A*, 42=A, 32=B
  • Chemistry 3:44=A*, 39= A, 34= B

The grade boundaries for papers one and two are high, but I did find the papers easy. It’s a slight worry of course having such high boundaries as I can only afford to drop 9 marks! Grade boundaries for unit 3 are much lower, but I can’t remember how the paper went.


  • English Language: 55=A*, 50=A, 45=B

The paper was out of 80. Therefore the grade boundaries seem pretty low. However they are very tight with just a 5 mark difference between each grade. So I guess a lot of people may just miss out on their desired grade.


  • English Literature Poetry: 39=A*, 32=A, 25=B
  • English Literature Modern Texts: 53=A*, 46=A, 39=B

Poetry is out of 54, modern texts is out of 68. I think the grade boundaries are actually quite fair, especially for poetry which does seem a little low.


  • French Listening:  30=A*, 27=A, 24 =B, 21=C
  • French Reading:  34=A*, 31=A, 28=B, 25=C

Listening was out of 40, reading out of 45. To be honest I’m gutted with the listening grade boundaries, that paper was way too hard! I didn’t understand any of the questions! Yet I have to get over half to pass!


  • Geography 1:45=A*, 38=A, 31=B
  • Geography 2:61=A*, 52=A, 43=B

For specification A: paper 1 out of 75 and paper 2 out of 84. The grade boundaries seem really low! I can’t remember too much about the exam, but I think one of the papers was very challenging, however I can’t remember which.


  • Physics 1:46=A*, 37=A, 28=B
  • Physics 2:46=A*, 37=A, 28=B
  • Physics 3: 36=A*, 31=A, 26=B

I thought unit 2 was impossible and I really struggled with unit 1 too! However I felt unit 3 was the easiest, so I am disappointed the grade boundaries are so low on that one.


  • Maths 1 and 2 combined: 170=A*, 140=A, 105=B

The grade boundaries are higher than I wanted. They are also a lot higher than last years grade boundaries which is really disappointing. There is also a huge gap between each boundary for example a mark of 139 is a B, same as a mark of 105. Not fair.


  • Computer Science: 157=A*, 129=A, 101=B

They are ever so slightly lower than lasts years boundaries. The paper was very hard I found, so I don’t know where I stand on this one.



  • Re: 180=A*, 160=A, 140=B

This is for the combination of the two papers. I found paper 1 quite hard, while paper 2 was a lot better. So I wish the grade boundaries were slightly lower.

That is it…I did do OCR history as well. However the grade boundaries were so difficult to understand, so I left that one out. I also did AQA further maths, but I failed to find any grade boundaries for that exam. If you do know the grade boundaries for further maths please let me know! Otherwise the best of luck for your results!


7 thoughts on “GCSE Grade Boundaries

  1. xliteraturelove says:

    I haven’t looked at the grade boundaries for all of my exams yet but I think the AQA science ones seem fair. I’d hoped for a lower one on the B1 paper because tbh it was a mess and I think I’d actually have done better if it was more focused on the syllabus than reading graphs & common sense, etc. P3 on the other hand seems really low, which is surprising because I don’t remember it being particularly difficult compared to the other papers. I thought the French papers were okay and they seem like sensible grade boundaries, but maybe that’s because my teacher gave us a past paper to do every week for months before the exam. (German did not go so well, but I haven’t seen the grade boundaries for that yet 😬). Geography does seem pretty low, considering there was only one question I remember struggling with on each paper, but I think they usually are. I hope you’re happy with your results when you get them (and not too worried about it)!


    • AnnaBananaStyle says:

      I felt like the French listening paper was really difficult, the reading paper was better. However I am really worried about French as I fear that I might not pass that one. Physics 3 does seem very low, considering the fact that I found physics 2 much harder. I just hope all goes well tomorrow, good luck with your results and I hope you get all the grades you wanted. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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