Pokemon Go: Conspiracy Theories

We have all heard of it: Pokemon Go. It’s that new game everyone is playing on their phone’s. But is it quit what it seems? Or is there something strange and mysterious going on behind the seemingly fun and friendly game? Let’s take a look show we!

When one plays Pokemon Go, we have to allow the app to use our location. Straight away, I’m dubious…I have never really trusted apps that want to know my exact location. We then have to start finding Pokemon and follow the map on our screen to Pokemon spots. It’s all very weird really, we have to use the camera on our phones to scan the area to find virtual Pokemon’s.

This leads us to the very first conspiracy theory, that Pokemon Go was created as a government surveillance app. Think about it, we scan the area around us with our phones…collecting data. This data can be used by the government to find out about places which they may not have access to. For example if you use Pokemon Go in your home, the government could potentially be able to see the layout of your home. Now I know a lot of you may think that this is far fetched, but it could be right. Just think about it. What if a member of a top secret agency played Pokemon Go while at work…the government would get access to the location of the agencies headquarters! Now, for me I am not working for any form of secret agency unfortunately. However I still will not play Pokemon Go, as I don’t want anybody to know my exact location or even worse…the layout of my house!

So we have discovered that Pokemon Go knows where you are. Which in itself is pretty scary, it knows where you are to the exact pin point. Not only does it know where you live, but where you visit. In away playing Pokemon Go is like walking around with a GPS tag, well in fact it’s the same. Where ever you go, Pokemon Go will record it. Therefore if everyone played Pokemon Go, the government would know where everyone is at all times. Imagine how useful that would be! Solving crimes would become so much easier, although the main issue is the fact that it is an invasion of privacy! I don’t want people to know the exact times I leave my house and the exact routes I take, not only is it a privacy issue but a security issue to. Even more scarily, Pokemon Go could easily work out who your friends and acquaintances are.  Think about it, if you regularly meet up with someone and play Pokemon Go, the government will know you have a connection with them. Now I like to keep my connections private, I don’t want people to know who my friends are.

Basically I believe that the government created Pokemon Go, in order to get citizens to do the ‘dirty work’ for them. They have the detail of Google Maps, which acts as a template. To get the full picture, they need to see inside buildings and see places that google maps can’t reach…hello Pokemon Go!

On to a slightly different theory that the purpose of Pokemon Go is to make people lose weight. Now dare I say it, this is a slightly more believable theory. One can not play Pokemon Go from the comfort of their own home, in fact the game has prompted some users to go on long country walks in search of virtual Pokemon. Weird, I think. However on the front of weight loss, it appears to have done the trick. More people are out and about, going on Pokemon hunts and burning their calories…well data too! That brings us onto a different theory that Pokemon Go was created to increase phone bills. Now I don’t know about this one, as I don’t do 3G or 4G or anything that involves me departing with my precious money! Although I heard the game eats your data, which it probably does. However I don’t personally believe phone companies are behind the game, let’s face it loads of apps eat up your data not just Pokemon Go.

This next theory is believable, but kind of weird at the same time. Pokemon Go was created to make people spend money. Getting users out of the house to burn calories is all well, but what happens when Pokemon’s end up in fast food outlets and shopping malls? A retailers dream. Apparently some large companies are paying the creators of Pokemon Go to put rare Pokemon’s in their store. Now this isn’t because they want to reward their customers, no! Instead they want you to buy things! If you go into their store in search of a Pokemon, you might just end up buying a new t-shirt or a cup of coffee at the same time…genius!

So that’s it…just a handful of the conspiracy theories around the game Pokemon Go. Would I play it? No! Should you play it? That’s up to you.


12 thoughts on “Pokemon Go: Conspiracy Theories

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