My Brother’s A-level Results

Now, I never told him I would publish his results online. Therefore I am not going to mention his name or anything. But let me give you some background on him: he is an A-level student, he is collecting his A2 results and he plans to do a gap year. He wants to do a gap year, not to go travelling but to find a job and get some money. Once his gap year is over, he plans to go to university to study criminology. Now to get on his criminology course he needs BCC.

This is where my problem arises, he thinks that he has worked really hard this year and will get those results. However I’m not so sure. A-levels are hard and I don’t know if he has put the work in. He has been playing it off, saying that his results are not important as he will do a gap year anyway. Yet, if he doesn’t get the grades, he may end up retaking the year.

My brother studied: psychology, philosophy & English literature.

I think I was more nervous for the results than him. The thing is, I am the youngest child. Anything that my older brother does, I have to match or beat! Of course I want my brother to do well, so he can follow his dream and go to university. However I don’t want him to do too well, so well that I can’t beat him. So really I am hoping he gets B’s and C’s. Just enough for him to scrape through into university, but not too high that I can’t do better!

The results are in! Drum roll please….

  • Philosophy: B
  • Psychology: C
  • English Literature: C

That gives him a solid BCC, meaning he can get into university! To be honest I am in shock! He passed every exam he took! I don’t know, how to feel! I am happy for him as he can go to university, but taken back by how well he did. I honestly thought he would at least fail one exam, but nope he passed every single one of them!

Well, I guess that concludes his A-level results 2016. He will not be retaking the year and the bench mark has been set for me. Gulp. Good luck to everyone out there collecting their results today, I wish you the best!

In a weeks time I will be collecting my GCSE results, so I will keep you all updated on how I got on.


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