My brother’s 18th birthday!

Knock. Knock. The day started at the unearthly hour of 9 am from an unexpected visit from my uncle. I hate it when people just show up on your doorstep totally unannounced! We were all in a state of shock! Not only that the house was a tip, and I was literally in my meerkat onesie! It was so awkward. Luckily he didn’t stay too long, he had a mug of tea and then spoke to me. Unfortunately my brother (the birthday boy) wasn’t up yet, so he had to speak to me, until he surfaced. Which meant I had to tell him all about my summer holidays and my future A-levels. I have to admit I felt a bit weird telling him about my plans to study A-level maths, chemistry, physics and biology…while wearing a meerkat onesie. He probably thought I had totally lost it…not far from the truth I suppose!

Once my uncle had left, we then began the process of cleaning the house. My aunty and granddad had briefed us about their arrival prior to their visit. Well when I say prior to their visit, what I mean is they rang us up at 10 to warn us they would be there for 11. This gave us an hour to a) get changed and b) clean the house up.

My aunty and granddad arrived at ten past 11 and did not leave until quarter to 2. So they were here a lot longer than we expected! We sat in the living room and drank coffee, while chatting about absolutely everything. We spoke about results day coming up, NCS, politics, kayaking, immigration, dogs, family and holidays. Shockingly my granddad gave my brother £150 for his birthday! I have to admit, I was a little jealous considering for my 16th I got £20.

After the visiting of the family, it was finally time for my brother to open up his presents. For his birthday I bought him a leather wallet, which came in a presentation box. I made sure to take all the price stickers off of it, however in one of the card holders there was a piece of card….which had the price sticker on the back! Great! The day just seemed to get worse! Then he moved onto opening the presents from our parents, who bought him a Garmin watch (one of them fancy running watches) and a running vest, along with £60 cash and driving lessons. This was accompanied with the alcohol and pint glass bought by our aunt and £50 given by our uncle.

Displaying IMG_20160816_133635.jpg

I finally began work on the birthday cake. Yes, I was actually put in charge of baking the birthday cake for my brother’s 18th! I baked him a chocholate and banana birthday cake, made from scratch. I even posted the reciepe online:Chocolate and Banana Cake Recipe

It was then off for a meal out, which turned out as a meal in. We had planned to go out to Pizza Hut, but my brother wasn’t overly keen on the idea. So we ended up getting fish ‘n’ chips at the local takeaway and eatting in. Although it was hard for me as I may of been eatting the left over cake mix and decorations.



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