NCS: Overall Review

PrintI have just finished my NCS ‘it all starts at yes’ summer experience! I have done individual blog posts about each week of NCS, which I will link you to at the end. But now I want to bring together all four weeks of NCS and sum it up in one overall review. I wanted to do this as I know how hard it is to find an honest review on NCS, all the reviews on their website are bias and clearly promote NCS. However I am not paid by NCS or sponsored by them or anything like that so I can give you a very honest review on the programme. So here is my review on NCS:

“NCS has been an interesting experience for me. I learnt many life lessons and overcame my fear of living away from home. NCS also helped me to overcome my fear of homesickness and as a result I feel less apprehensive about moving away to university. NCS also gave me the opportunity to do activities I would never normally have the opportunity to do. Therefore I tried many new things from paddle boarding to bag packing to archery to car washing. It really did give me a wealth of experience! However NCS did not change me as a person, I am still the same girl who started NCS four weeks ago. NCS has not made me change my outlook on life. My confidence has not grown as a result of NCS, I am still as quiet and shy as I was on day one. But what NCS did give me was a purpose, I woke up in the morning knowing that I was doing something good and helpful. It also gave me an interest for 4 weeks throughout the summer, whereas I would normally have wasted my holidays inside watching TV. Really for me NCS was all about the experience, the experience to try out new things and an experience I can look back on. I did have my ups and downs with NCS and there were points where I was contemplating dropping out, but overall I am glad I stuck with it.”

There we have it my overall review of National Citizens Service! What an experience it has been! It feels like ages ago when I first hoped on the bus at week 1! Now I am just waiting for my graduation day which is set to be some time in September.

Although I have really enjoyed my NCS experience, I wanted to raise a slightly different point. For NCS the student pays £50, while the government pays £1500 for each applicant. With that kind of money being poured into NCS, one has to question: ‘is it worth it?’. The simple answer is no. NCS really is fantastic but I don’t understand why the government funds it. I just feel that the funds for NCS would be better off elsewhere, because really the government is paying for teens to have a cheap holiday. Wouldn’t it be better if the funds were used to increase young people’s mental health services? I don’t know. That is just my opinion anyway. From the student’s point of you it is a great deal, NCS really is worth the £50.  However from the government’s point of view…. I am not so sure!

Anyway thank you all for seeing me through NCS. I thought I would gather up all my NCS blogs and put them in one place for you:

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NCS: Week 4

NCS- Social Action Project

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