Answering your NCS questions

PrintAre you considering doing National Citizens Service? Or have you already signed up but seeking reassurance? Then you have come to the right place! I took part in NCS in the summer of 2016! From my experience with NCS I would like to help other people by answering some common NCS questions and some more personal questions about my own experience. Hopefully this will give you some more detail about NCS and what is involved. So lets get started!

Do you regret signing up for NCS?

No, not at all. I am so happy that I decided to not only sign up for NCS, but to see it out!

Would you recommend NCS to a friend?

Yeah I think I would. NCS is a great experience, however you must be willing to give it a go and put yourself forward to get the most out of it.

What is the leadership like?

The leaders on my wave were very young! Some of them were actually old enough to do NCS themselves! The youngest leader was 17, while most of the leaders were 18-19 years old. With the ‘older’ leaders being 20 years old. As a result the leader almost became your friend in a way. Some of the leaders were a bit immature and favoured the popular people in the team. Overall the leadership was a bit disorganised and the leaders often didn’t know what was going on.

Can I take my mobile?

Yes. Although NCS encourages you not to, everybody does. For week 1 we had no mobile signal or WiFi. Whereas for week 2 we had super fast WiFi and great signal.

Should I do NCS with a friend?

Yes and no. I did NCS with 3 of my friends: one dropped out, one I fell out with, one I came closer to. A bit of a mix really. I would recommend doing NCS with a person you know, but not your best friend. Having friends there does make it harder to become friends with other people, but at the same time it is good to have a familiar face.

What happens if I become homesick?

Speak to your team leader. Some people on my wave went home early (especially on week 1) due to homesickness. It’s not unusual for people to miss home.

What is the accommodation like?

For week one I stayed in a bell tent. We basically went glamping for the week. The tents were very nice and spacious, there were 4 people in my tent. But some tents only had two people in them! We slept on air mats which were not hugely comfy, but they were alright. For week 2 we slept in university style accommodation, where we all had single ensuite rooms. The rooms were fantastic, we had locking doors and mini fridges in our rooms.

Is the food good?

The food varied. For week one there was always four options available, while for week 2 there was only one option. The quality of the food was good, except the weird sandwich fillings (cottage cheese and spinach?!). Being a vegetarian, there were options available. However one time the veggie option had been taken, so I missed out on lunch that day.

What skill did you chose for part 2?

Actually I didn’t. For part 2 we were never asked to pick a skill. We missed that bit out for some reason.

Do I get a free NCS T-shirt?

No. When signing up to NCS I thought we got a free t-shirt, it turns out you have to buy them. My NCS provider sold the t-shirts at £7 each, or a hoodie for £16.

That is it, some of the most commonly asked questions about NCS. If you have any questions about NCS, then feel free to leave them down below! I will do my best to get in contact with you as soon as I can!


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