University Types Debugged

This post takes me back to the time when I was a young, wide eyed and excited year 11 girl who was about to finish her compulsory schooling. Okay, this may have been under a year ago, but still! I was sat in the career advisers office, I had just received my mock exam results. She looked at my results, back at me and back at my results. She finally took off her glasses leaned over the table and said “Anna, we HAVE to get you into a Russel Group university.” I just awkwardly sat there and smiled as she ran me through a few possible universities. The truth is, I had no idea what “Russel Group” meant! Was it a good thing? I didn’t know.

So here I am, researching and finding out about different types of universities. Perhaps you are like me and are looking forward into the future to look at potential universities or perhaps you are about to select your university right now! Anyway lets take a greater look into the types of university!

Russel Group

In simple terms ‘Russel Group’ is the top universities in the United Kingdom. It consists of 24 universities, which basically get the most funding from the government. They produce the best results and generally have the best facilities. All the research they conducted is of the highest standard. So you are probably wondering which universities made the cut, well here they are:


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