Child Genius Review (Episode 3)

2016-08-06 (3).pngChannel: Channel 4

Series: 2016

Episode: 3



Speling, spellng, spelling! This week we are looking at grammar and language! So of course all eyes turned to the leading competitor: Mog. After the previous 2 episodes it was fair to say Mog was on top, and was set up to win Child Genius all together. However in this episode things took a little tumble. Round one was all about English language (basically remembering the entire dictionary) along with a few challenging anagrams. Round 2 was a straight up sudden death spelling round, one word wrong and your out. This week it was really hard and I am not ashamed to admit that I knew none of the words that was said! I guess the difficulty of the questions was reflected clearly through Mog. Striving at language, Mog can write in Chinese and multiple different languages. However Mog fell victim to the hard questions and got booted out of the competition. I can’t say I am sad because lets face it, Mog was a bit of a show off. I guess the moral of the story is: don’t be over confident.

Apart from Mog’s shock departure, the competition was still hot with talent. Britain’s brightest children stood up on stage and blurted out letters that formed some of the most complicated words in the English language. Most viewers sat there baffled and in awe by the work of these kids. Personally I think the spelling rounds are always the best! I have never been any good at spellings, so much so that at one point in my life I thought I was dyslexic. So I guess for me watching the spelling rounds are always fascinating!

In this episode we saw another form of sibling rivalry.  This week it was between ten year old Georgia and her 12 year old brother: Stephen. It was a tense affair and it was clear to see that the two of them are incredibly competitive with each other. I know exactly where the two of them come from, me and my older brother are very competitive too! From being the youngest myself I understood exactly how Georgia felt. Being the younger sibling is never easy as some times you are almost forgotten at the bottom, so from her point of view this was the ideal opportunity to make her mark. She came so close and won a place in the final, but unfortunately her older brother Stephen managed to wriggle his way in to. Stephen just scrapped in as there was a tie breaker at the end between him and 4 other competitors. Now with both children in the final the parents have to look on anxiously, as ultimately at least one of their children will lose, if not both of them!

This week we also saw the departure of the awesomely named Jack-Bob who failed to win the tie breaker. We also said goodbye to Christopher. In a way I was sad to see Christopher go, although I wasn’t keen on his dad I thought he was quite a sweet little boy. His dad was exceptionally pushy and put way too much pressure on his child! So I felt a bit sorry for Christopher and all that he had to go through, to leave the competition with nothing.

Anyway with episode 3 over the contestants are now all lined up for the final. Two of the contestants in the final are Saffy and Rhea. Both of which scored top points in the spelling round. But with Mog safely out of the way, the child genius title is open to all…

Missed out on the epiosde? Catch it here: Episode 3




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