Trying Tea Types

So you like your tea? Good for you! You can join the club!

Tea is a refreshing beverage that is normally served hot, but can be served cold! It’s a very diverse drink that is enjoyed by millions of people across the world, so why is it so popular? Perhaps it is the caffeine or the simplicity or the variety of types. Who knows! But one thing that any tea lover knows is the fact that there are a range of teas out there for us. So I decided to get in tune with my taste buds and write a review on different types of tea. To hopefully give you some insight into the world of tea drinking. I like to consider myself as a bit of an expert as I have been drinking tea since the day I was born (quite literally)! So sit back, put the kettle on and let me wizz you through the world of brews.

  • Everyday Tea

This often goes by many different names, with a lot of people calling it ‘black tea’. But basically ‘everyday tea’ is your simple bog standard cup of tea. The sort of tea they would sell you in a paper cup out of a burger van on the side of the road. There is nothing special about this type of tea, it’s very simple and bland. However the familiar and consistent taste has proven very popular for years, it is often the ‘go to’ type of tea. For me it’s the type of tea I drink the most, it’s safe and easy…no hidden surprises or weird aftertastes.

  • Earl Grey

Aka the ‘posh’ tea. This is the sort of tea that is commonly stereotyped with stiff-upper lip royalty, like the Queen for example. Earl Grey tea is simply a blend of normal tea and the oil of a bergamot. You are probably thinking what is ‘bergamot’? Well it turns out that it is actually a citrus fruit, it’s a weird looking fruit that looks a bit like a hybrid of an orange, a lemon and a lime! Despite the mysterious fruit, Earl Grey tea is actually very nice. Alright it does have an acquired taste, but to me I actually quite like it and drink about 1 cup a day.

  • Lady Grey

This is basically Earl Grey’s younger sister! It’s a more fruitier version of Earl Grey tea, it’s also a bit sweeter. It’s a citrus flavoured drink  with orange and lemon peel oils to add the extra flavour. It is made using the same black tea as Earl Grey, just with a dash of fruit oils. To me I am not a huge fan as it is quite sweet and potent! However if you have a sweet tooth and don’t mind a slightly fruity drink then this could be the best for you.

  • Strawberry/ Raspberry Tea

Gulp! This really is for the sweet tooth’s out there! For me this is too sweet that it is almost sickly! I really can’t stand berry tea as they are always way too sweet! A lot of people would describe them as ‘summer teas’ the sort you have out in the back garden with your mother in law. I just generally wouldn’t recommend them at all!

  • Peppermint Tea

Imagine drinking a mug of normal bland tea just after brushing your teeth. Boom! You have the taste of peppermint tea! To me peppermint tea tastes as if someone accidentally dropped a piece of chewing gum in your mug. Not only this it really has a poignant smell, so everyone knows that you are drinking peppermint tea! However one good thing is the fact that it is caffeine free and it has many health benefits. For example it aids digestion and can boost your immune system

  • Chamomile Tea

A very relaxing drink that is good for anyone who struggles to get a good nights sleep. Chamomile is a flower that looks very similar to a daisy and can be used medicinally. As a result drinking chamomile tea does have a few health benefits.  For example it is believed to help those with diabetes and it can help people feel less tense, therefore reducing stress.  However all those amazing health benefits are of course compensated with a foul taste. I just don’t know what it is, it’s not sweet or bitter….it’s just gross!

  • Liquorice Tea

For those few people out there who like the taste of liquorice then this good be for you. I personally don’t mind liquorice as a sweet, but the tea I have a mixed feeling. It starts out great and you’re like ‘Oh my I love this’  then you swallow….wait 3 seconds and then are like ‘What is that?’ It is like a roller coaster, the start is great but it leaves you with a weird after taste and a bizarre tingling in your mouth!

  • Green Tea

As the name suggests green tea is very good for you! It contains all them antioxidant things! It is believed that green tea could reduce the risk of cancer, however there is no conclusive evidence of course. Although green teas take many different varieties and forms, I have never really seemed to get along with them that well! I don’t know to me they are ‘too good to be true’ and have a strange taste to them.

That’s it! I know, there are hundreds of different types of tea out there and I would be here for years reviewing them all! So I have only chosen the teas I have tried and don’t forget you can get iced teas as well! Just because you haven’t found your prefect brew yet, don’t worry you will find it one day. My advice is to just give different teas a try and see how it goes. I often try new teas when I am out at a cafe or something, so if I don’t like it I am not stuck with a whole box of disgusting tea! I guess you are wondering what my favourite type of tea is to be honest I am an a Earl Grey kind of girl!



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