NCS- Social Action Project

For my social action project for National Citizens Service (NCS). My team and I have decided to raise money and awareness for the mental health service. Many people overlook mental health in society and we feel that not enough time, money and consideration is put into it. We want to change this! As a result we have partnered up with ‘Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services’ (CAMHS) and ‘In memory of Charley’. In order to raise funds and awareness for mental health issues. We feel that this is particularly important as many of us know people who have been affected by mental health issues. We also wish to stop the belief that mental health is less important than physical health and the belief that mental health is a decision.

My team: ‘FunderKatz’ have created a JustGiving page where people can donate to our chosen charities. Please donate it really is an amazing cause and we are grateful for even the smallest of donations! Thank you!


Or you can share our message on Facebook by liking our page and inviting all your friends! Feel free to share any of our posts!

Our Facebook

Lastly I would like to say a massive thank you on behalf of myself and the rest of my team, for all your fantastic support. Remember. Care, Share and be Aware!


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