Eat Well For Less Review (Episode 1)

2016-07-24Channel: BBC One

Series: 3

Episode: 1




We’re back for the third series of Eat Well For Less! The show that highlights Britain’s shopping flaws and eating habits. In this episode we look at the Butler family, which I must admit closely reflects my family. Out of their two daughters one is a strong vegetarian while the other is a meat eating athlete…tricky. While their mother is a huge fan of convenient, quick and easy meals. For me I found this episode very interesting as I myself along with my mother are vegetarian, while my father and brother are meat eaters. So my family situation is very similar to that of the Butler’s family.

One interesting thing I learnt is a small fact chucked right at the start of the episode ‘The average 4 person household spends £81.50 a week on food shopping.’ Wow! After digging through a few receipts at the bottom of the shopping bags, I found out that my 4 person household (2 vegetarians + 2 meat eaters) spend about £70 a week on food shopping! So not at all bad! Those people who say that being vegetarian drains the bank clearly have got it wrong!

Another cool thing that I learnt in the program was the making of soup, I know it may sound boring but it was actually quite interesting! We looked at the difference between fresh soup and canned soup. Personally I always buy can soup as it keeps longer so I can put it in the back of the cupboard and have it on a cold winters day. However I also did feel that can soup was ‘old’ and ‘not fresh’. I thought it would be packed with preservatives, salts and them other weird chemicals that nobody really knows what they are! But apparently not, and actually can soup could be fresher than ‘fresh’ soup! How? Because they cook it in the can! Don’t ask me how it works because I have no clue, but it is pretty cool! So the motto of the story eat can soup and leave that fresh soup in the fridge…at Tesco!

Then onto quick and easy food, also known as convenient food or as I like to call it lazy people’s food. You know those pre-chopped vegetables, microwaveable rice and ready meals? Well that’s the trend at the moment! For me I would never invest in any of these for starters chopped veg is pointless. You get much less for your money, and they never cut it up to the size you want it anyway! Who wants tiny pieces of carrots? Microwaveable rice is a no go, it always ends up dry. The only thing I do get is microwaveable popcorn as it is so much easier than making it in a pan. Besides I don’t exactly have popcorn on a regular bases anyway so a quick bag in the microwave every blue moon doesn’t hurt. I used to have ready meals a lot especially when I played a lot of tennis and didn’t get time to cook up a proper meal. But one quick glance at the salt content and my mind was changed forever!

The last and most crucial mistake made is breakfast cereal. When it comes to cereal I tend to go for Krave. I always stick with chocolate and high sugar cereal with an equally high price. I don’t like those cheap, low sugar low taste cereals. So my advice is to keep the portions small. I stretch one box of Krave out by reducing the portion size, you can also mix nice cereals with cheap ones to really drag them out. For example add a handful of value range cornflakes to the bowl and you’ve just made your cereal last twice as long!

There we go my thoughts on episode 1 of ‘Eat well for less?’I hope you find my advice useful and if you have any advice on cutting down that food bill, then I would love to know!

Missed the episode? Watch it here: Episode 1


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