Child Genius Review (Episode 2)

2016-07-23 (5).png

Channel: Channel 4

Series: 2016

Episode: 2



General knowledge and memory, probably my two worst things! But was it just me or did anyone else feel that the general knowledge round was actually quite easy? I don’t mean to brag and I am no genius or whatever, but I honestly felt that the ‘tough’ general knowledge round was not that hard. I mean ‘What do the letters LED stand for?’ and ‘What is the division of a cells nucleus called?’ or ‘Who signed the Magna Carta?’ For me I felt that these questions were just too easy! Not only these questions but even the ones that the geniuses got wrong I felt were quite easy, take the one about the renal vein for example. So overall I wasn’t impressed by their general knowledge or lack of it should I say. The only thing I was taken back by was all the arty questions!

Of course it wouldn’t be Child Genius without the bizarre hobbies, strange obsessions and pushy parents. This week we saw one contestant so obsessed by nature that he has literally turned his bedroom into a mini zoo, with 30 creepy crawly things! Gross! How could anyone live with bugs and spiders in their room let alone sleep there! I guess the geniuses really do have the most peculiar interests! Not only this we also saw one contestant called Mog who has a strange obsession with cacti. I can’t mention Mog and not talk about his annoying attitude. This week he flashed the sassy ‘no interviews’ at the cameras after scoring the highest points in the round, lets just say I hope he doesn’t win!

Then it was on to the memory round which consisted of memorising a British train map in an hour. For me I preferred to watch the general knowledge round as I could almost compete against the geniuses, but once it came to studying a map of train stations I lacked interest. Once again we saw young kids cram their over stretched minds with pointless facts, and more depressingly it didn’t make good TV. At one point I was even considering fast forwarding over that bit as it was so dull!

As per usual we saw one child cry as he failed to keep up with the competition. It always makes me sad when I watch children cry on TV, most of the time I feel like they have too much pressure on them. At the end of the day they are kids, they are not use to film crews, podiums, audiences and competitions. So it breaks my heart to see little kids get so flustered and cry, I just want to give them a big hug!

Lastly we saw young Sophia again this week, the younger sister of Curtis (a competitor 2 years ago). But like her brother she to failed at the memory round and found herself eliminated from the competition. I was kind of sad to see her go, but of course her mother thinks that she will do better things. I don’t doubt it, with the amount of work and effort they put in I’m sure she will go far in their ‘brand’. I mean if you work so hard and only have time to eat takeaways in the car, then I guess you would expect high results! In away I feel bad for Sophia with such a busy schedule does she have time to be a kid and have friends? What sort of a horrible life must she live?



2016-07-23 (5).png


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