Child Genius Review (episode 1)

2016-07-16Channel: Channel 4

Series: 2016

Episode: 1



It’s back! Yes Child Genius is back on our TV’s , the show that we all have been waiting for! For me I’ve been watching Child Genius since it first began and I am fascinated by the extraordinaire talent of Britain’s youngsters. But it was clear right from the moment I pressed play there was something different about this series. This year round I felt that the judges actually had a bit of personality for once! Mainly the presenter Richard Osman brought a bit of life to the show, with his witty comments and sarcasm. For me it really added to the program and for once I actually laughed while watching it! For me my favourite was right at the beginning with the ‘normally I tell people not to shout out the answers, but I’ve looked around and I don’t think that will be a problem!’ Boom! Right from the word go Richard is in there with his witty and hilarious remarks that gave the show a lighter almost jolly feel. Of course his spirit and enthusiasm was damped slightly by the two stern looking Mensa officials beside him, but neither the less he certainly lighten up the show!

Lets move to the contestants, starting with the ever so cute Sophia. Beside her cute eyes and beaming smile, she did struggle slightly to get through the round. But more interestingly she is Curtis little sister! I know! You remember Curtis, the little kid who is a piano prodigy? The guy who competed on the show not long ago? Well I certainly remembered him and was delighted to see him back supporting his little sister as she attempted to claim the title. Aw sibling love. What is even more amazing is the fact that the family is so talented, having one gifted child is rare….but two! Wow! Not only this did you see the clip of them ice skating, they are certainly a pair to watch out for in the future!

Then onto Mog, the guy with the long hair. Through the maths and memory round it was clear that Mog is a strong contender to win the title right from the beginning. However I couldn’t help but find him incredibly annoying and arrogant. I mean take this quote from Mog ‘One of my favourite words is German it’s Backpfeifengesicht, it means somebody who really deserves a punch in the face’ For me anyone who uses ‘Backpfeifengesicht’ in a sentence deserves a punch in the face!

Next we move on to the typical pushy parent, this time in the form of Christopher’s dad! The guy who spent 3 years training his son to win Child Genius, right down to video analysis level and yet almost flumped the entire round and risked getting eliminated. So much for ‘great’ parenting, Christopher was clearly under a lot of pressure and stress which clearly showed in his performance! Thanks dad!

The last competitor I would like to talk about is Maximilen! What a great name, it’s like Max but a million times better! Perhaps his mum (Fanny) did that as payback for getting such a terrible name herself! Jokes aside about their names, Maximilen really stole my heart! The poor kid, never wanted to enter the competition in the first place! But his mother made him enter, then unfortunately he didn’t do very well and went home sad! I mean did any one else see those puppy dog eyes and a clear look of distress on his face.

That’s it Child Genius Series 2016, Episode 1 in a nut shell. There is a quick review of it for you! As always I absolutely loved watching the entire program and thought it was amazing! I wish I was as clever and gifted as them, but then again I am sat here in a leopard onesie so maybe I am not!

Want to watch episode 1? Then you can see it here: Episode 1


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