Rich Kids of Instagram Review

2016-07-13Title: Rich Kids of Instagram

Channel: Channel 4

Series: 1

Type: Documentary


Who doesn’t like watching minted teens and young people swarm around in their expensive cars and drink champagne so rare you have never even heard of it? The new documentary featured on channel 4, lets us into the lives of the super rich kids who post their fortune online for all to see.

Instagram is a phenomenal form of social media which allows users to share their photos with the rest of the world. Although a lot of people on Instagram are everyday people like you and me, there are a few exceptions of course. These exceptions are known as the ‘Rich Kids’ or as they like to call themselves the ‘social elite’.

Channel 4’s documentary shows the lives of some of the world’s richest kids, who have managed to become ‘instafamous.’ These kids are wealthier than you and me, but they are not ashamed to flaunt their wealth. From expensive cars, fashion shows, champagne and shopping we get the full insight into the glamorous life of the rich kids of Instagram.

For me the most annoying factor about the ‘rich kids’, is the fact that they are not actually ‘rich’. What? Okay here me out on this one. Most of the young adults you see on the program flaunting their Rolex watches, have not actually earned their wealth. Some of them have in fact sponged off mummy and daddy, to become rich. For me this is highly irritating, they continuously brag about how they ‘work hard and play hard’ but what I hear is ‘I pry off mummy and daddy, then party hard’.  This is incredibly frustrating for most of us, as they put on Instagram how they are hard working and achieve, yet all their money is from relatives.

Don’t get me wrong I think a few of them do actually work, but those who do seem to have it easy. Take one of the Rich Kids for example: Iman. Iman has her own fashion chain with many models, she claims to work very hard to promote her business. Yet throughout the entire program we see her lazing about at the spa and being hungover, leaving her very stressed business associate to run her entire business, which she takes credit for of course. Throughout the program we can see that the rich kids are highly arrogant and spoiled, seen clearly through Iman who appears to almost bully her staff constantly. If these young people were not mega rich, for sure they would be world widely hated.

Not only this one of the rich kids seemed to irritate me even more, but for a slightly different reason. Meet Julia a fashion loving, self obsessed, selfie taking rich girl. During the program we see all her highly staged Instagram photos. She holds a special photo shoot for herself.  Her tactic is simple: dress up in high heels, have a face lift, fillers, a face full of make up, hair extensions, false eyelashes and false nails. Then go on and promote ‘natural beauty’. Through out the program we see her congratulate herself on her ‘natural’ looks, little does she realise the true meaning of natural beauty. For me this was the most disturbing part of the entire documentary: Julia sends out a message to young girls to be naturally beautiful, yet has cosmetic surgery and false hair/eyelashes/nails! Hardly the correct image to send out to her followers.

Although I find the entire program very annoying and very frustrating, I can’t help myself from watching it! I wish I was rich and famous like them! All the glitter and the champagne and luxury lifestyle seems perfect for me. But then reality strikes me; I will never be rich like them, as my parents are not super wealthy. Overall I hate to admit I watch such trashy TV, but secretly I love it!

Want to watch it? Then you can watch episode one here: Rich Kids Of Instagram

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