Improving Instagram


Don’t get me wrong I absolutely love Instagram, in fact it’s one of my favourite social media platforms. One picture really does speak a thousand words, not only this you can see what other people are up to easily. For me Instagram is fantastic, but I can’t help thinking of a few improvements that Instagram could make to enhance the platform even more.


1.Post on non-mobile devices

For me this is one of my major problems with Instagram. Why can’t I post a picture from my laptop? Instead I am forced to take pictures on my smart phone or my tablet in order to put them straight onto Instagram. Otherwise if I take pictures on my actual camera I have to manually transfer them on to my laptop and then onto my phone and then on to Instagram….too much work!

2. Limit on the amount of posts a day

We all know that one person who seems to put up a selfie every single hour. Many people would simply tell me to unfollow them, but what if I don’t want to? Instead I think Instagram should put a limit on the amount of posts you can put up a day. For example I think 3 posts a day would be plenty!

3. Double-tap like

So you’re scrolling down someones profile, who you are kind of stalking. Checking out all their photos and things, when you suddenly accidentally double tap on one of their 72 week old selfies! AHHH! Admit it we have all had that moment! So I think if you accidentally double tap on a post that is older than 12 weeks, you should be asked to confirm that you want to like the post. Phew! No more accidental likes and no more worrying about being caught stalking!

4. How many views?

We have all put up a photo online and thought: I wonder how many people in the world have seen it? But what if there was away to check? Perhaps Instagram can find away to see how many people in the world have viewed that post, regardless if they follow you or not. Alright I don’t think we should be able to see who has seen it, but more of a total of how many people have seen it.

 5. Change the icon back

The ‘new’ Instagram icon is horrible, compared to the old one. Therefore I think they should change it back to the original icon, which looked so much better.

That’s it my top 5 improvements for Instagram, like I say I do love Instagram…really I do.

You can check my Instagram out here: My Instagram


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